Ate-Oh-Ate: It’s like going to Hawaii, but with better food!

May 21st, 2015 by Jon

_DLR1343At Portland Pedal Power, we always get excited when we start delivering for a new vendor. Ate-Oh-Ate is a Hawaiian restaurant located on Burnside, bringing the delicious cuisine of the islands to the mainland. We wanted to learn a bit about Ate-Oh-Ate, so we asked them to tell us about themselves:

Certain things become iconic for a reason. Sometimes you just hit a combination so right, there’s no improving upon it. Like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It’s just kind of perfect. That’s how I feel about Hawaiian Plate Lunch. There’s just something so right about two scoops rice, a scoop of creamy macaroni salad and a pile of tender, smoky Kalua Pig. Or Teriyaki Chicken, maybe.

Tropical paradise is a frame of mind. It helps to be someplace warm and sunny with the breeze coming off of the ocean wafting aromas of plumeria and hibiscus; but if you can’t be there then transport yourself mentally via alimentary pleasure. Sometimes people ask me, “How is it you’re wearing board shorts and rubber slippers when it’s so cold out?” I just tell ‘em, “If I believe hard enough, it’s warm and sunny right now.” The sit in stunned silence, allowing me the time to slurp up the last of my Saimin noodles, as the warm rays of belief start to shine in their heads.

Ate-Oh-Ate is proud to be in partnership with Portland Pedal Power, sharing our version of reality with the entire city of Portland. Ate-Oh-Ate – promoting the power of belief one plate lunch at a time. Working to achieve Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup status.

Ready to get yourself some delicious Hawaiian food? Check out our menu, and bring a taste of the islands to your office!

Wontons and Wings from Mama Chow’s Kitchen!

May 19th, 2015 by Jon
Lollipop Chicken from Mama Chow's Kitchen

Lollipop Wings from Mama Chow’s Kitchen

Since Mama Chow’s Kitchen first opened, they have had a vision to bring something tasty, fresh, unique, creative and comforting to the streets of Portland. Whether you are craving Wontons, Wings, or other great Things, Mama Chow’s Kitchen has your appetite covered.

Known for their fantastic foods, Mama Chow’s kitchen has been featured in the Oregonian, the Sun Times, and was even invited to participate at “Cuisines of China” at Lan Su Chinese Garden this coming June. People can’t stop talking about Mama Chow’s, either! One look at Yelp, and you will find that Mama Chow’s has earned a place in the hearts (and stomachs!) of Portlanders.

Take a look at our menu, and you will find some of Mama Chow’s famous menu items, like:

Mama Chow’s Lollipop Wings - Dry rubbed overnight then deep fried & tossed in a garlicky honey soy glaze w/ a mild spicy finish

Garlic Noodles - Fresh noodles made right here locally in PDX. Blanched and sautéed in garlic butter w/ chayote squash & served w/ an onion relish

Kalua Pork – Smokey slow roasted pork – speaks for itself – Hawaiian red sea salt rub, wrapped in ti & banana leaves then slow roasted in the oven for hours

Silken tofu in spicy garlicky ginger sauce served w/ pork or vegetarian

Wantons! Wings! Things? Visit our menu and get something delicious from Mama Chow’s Kitchen today.


A Taste of Mexico from Mi Mero Mole

May 14th, 2015 by Jon
Image taken from Willamette Week

Image taken from Willamette Week

In Mexico City, where urban life doesn’t always allow for a home-cooked meal, guisados are one of the most popular street foods. It’s a quick way to grab something delicious on the go, without having to spend an hour sitting in the restaurant.

Now, you can enjoy some delicious guisados without having to travel all the way down to Mexico city! Portland Pedal Power is happy to deliver for Mi Mero Mole, an authentic Mexican restaurant dedicated to serving tasty food with fresh ingredients.

The goal of Mi Mero Mole is to serve traditional dishes from Mexico City that Chilangos love at a reasonable price. Their tortillas are made fresh using ground nixtamal rather than commercial Maseca. Everything served, including the moles, salsas, rice, and beans, are made from scratch.

Ordering from Mi Mero Mole is easy! Take a look at our menu, where you can fill your tacos, burritos, memelas, or plato machos with some delicious guisados, such as:

Beef and potato in a dark chile and tomatillo salsa

Ground pork, beef & ham stuffed w/ egg in tomato-chipotle sauce

Vegan option of mushrooms & potatoes in dark chile pasilla sauce

Smoked lamb in extra-dark mole (contains nuts)

Pork in savory chocolate mole with over 20 ingredients

Ready to get a taste of Mexico City? Visit our order page and find something delicious for lunch today!

Gain Control with MoneyMark!

May 12th, 2015 by Jon

11098312_1070250139657333_1378931346_nSometimes, it can feel like you don’t have much control over your finances. You might be able to see what’s happening with your account, but as far as changing anything? It might take a while to get anything done.

USAgencies Credit Union is changing that with their new app! MoneyMark is a tool that allows you to easily add all of your financial accounts in one place so you can view your total spending, savings, and goals with one secure log in. MoneyMark gives you the power to take control AND a chance to win with their MoneyMark sweepstakes!

Entering the contest is easy! Log in to MoneyMark (found right inside Online Banking and the Mobile App) and add at least one account before May 31st, 2015. You’ll be automatically entered into the drawing to win a Nest product that uses technology to promote your safety and security, just like USAgencies does.

Eight winners will be drawn; you could be one of them!

Prizes you could potentially win:

  • 2 Nest Learning Thermostats – a $249 value each
  • 4 Nest Protect Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms – a $99 value each
  • 2 Dropcam Pro Cam Systems – a $199 value each

Take control of your money today! Visit USACU.ORG/MONEYMARK to learn more!

Are you a Resident of Wattsmart, Oregon?

May 5th, 2015 by Jon

WATTSMART_OREGON_SIGN resizedLet us tell you about a beautiful town  in Oregon called Wattsmart. It’s a wonderful place, where everyone uses energy-efficient appliances, all homes are well insulated and hot apple pie shows up at your front door every day.

Well, that might be a stretch, but it doesn’t change the fact that we can all conserve more energy. That’s why Pacific Power has teamed up with Energy Trust of Oregon to offer cash incentives for energy-saving home upgrades. These upgrades will help you stay comfortable, plus save money.

While we can’t all live in Wattsmart, Oregon, Pacific Power is dedicated to ensuring we can  learn to live wattsmart! Visit Pacific Power’s website and you’ll find simple and effective strategies to keep your energy use low:

Updating your lighting - Switching from traditional incandescent light bulbs to ENERGY STAR® qualified bulbs is the easiest and most affordable step you can take to reduce your electricity costs.

Recycling old refrigerators - Refrigerators built before 1993 can use three times more energy than new high-efficiency models. By getting rid of a second fridge in your garage or basement, you can save up to $150 annually.

Weatherization - From insulation to new windows, weatherization helps prevent unwanted air escape or intrusion, controls moisture and keeps pollutants out.

Pacific Power and Energy Trust offer energy efficiency incentives for businesses, too.

Ready to become energy efficient and save more? Take a look at to see how you can start conserving energy today.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Delicious Mexican Food!

April 30th, 2015 by Jon
Some of the delicious items you will find at Mi Mero Mole!

Some of the delicious items you will find at Mi Mero Mole

Next Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo! A great opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture with great music, dancing, and of course, delicious Mexican food!

In case history wasn’t your thing, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces invading Mexico in 1862. It was a significant victory over the French, and inspired unity and pride throughout the country. Since that war, no European force has ever successfully invaded a country in the Americas.

So how will you celebrate this coming Cinco de Mayo? We have some fantastic Mexican restaurants you and your office can enjoy while celebrating:

Aprisa Cuisine – Built out of recycled shipping containers, Aprisa is the newest revolution in fine Mexican Cuisine. By creating high quality food with a chef’s flare, we put a spin on the idea of fast food.

Burrito Bar - A small family-owned restaurant, Burrito Bar provides fresh & healthy options for the community in Portland’s Pearl District for the past seven years.

Cha Cha Cha Taqueria - Serving authentic Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on organic and local ingredients, Cha Cha Cha Taqueria strives to be modern yet traditional with an eclectic mix of dishes.

Mi Mero Mole – In Mexico City, where urban life doesn’t always allow for a home-cooked meal, guisados are one of the most popular street foods. Mi Mero Mole serves traditional dishes from Mexico City made from scratch with tortillas made fresh using ground nixtamal.

Qdoba Mexican Grill - Qdoba is an artisanal Mexican kitchen where anyone can go to enjoy a fast, handcrafted meal prepared with fresh ingredients and innovative flavors.

Ready to celebrate? Que Bueno! Visit our menu and start planing how your office will enjoy Cinco de Mayo this coming Tuesday.

Join us at the 2015 People’s Coast Arthritis Bike Classic!

April 16th, 2015 by Jon

IMG_0297There’s nothing better than a benefit cycle ride. You get to take a ride on your bicycle, enjoy the sights, and best of all, you’re contributing to a worthwhile cause.

We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with The Arthritis Foundation, and will be spreading the word about how you can help contribute to the prevention, control and cure of arthritis.

Who is the Arthritis Foundation?

The Arthritis Foundation is the leading health organization addressing the needs of more than 50 million Americans living with arthritis, the nation’s leading cause of disability. As a national voluntary health agency, the Arthritis Foundation seeks to improve life through leadership in the prevention, control, and cure of arthritis and related diseases.

Since 1948, the Foundation has spent in excess of $200 million to support more than 1,700 scientists and physicians in arthritis research programs specifically for the study of pediatric and adult rheumatic diseases.

The Arthritis Foundation also provides educational research to help adults, parents and children manage their arthritis by providing a large number of community-based services nationwide to make life with arthritis easier.

Take a look at what the Arthritis Foundation is doing today:

What is the People’s Coast Arthritis Bike Classic?

The People’s Coast Arthritis Bike Classic presented by Amgen is a spectacular 363-mile, 6-days of cycling, bicycle tour from Astoria to Brookings, OR. Scenic coasts, secluded beaches, wildlife, lighthouses, amazing viewpoints, quaint towns and the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast are all part of your daily travel experiences.

The People’s Coast Arthritis Bike Classic offers a fully supported bicycle tour to all registered riders, including breakfasts, dinners, mechanical support, and overnight camping. The entire event will take place in September, from the 12th to the 19th.

For a day-by-day breakdown of what you can expect on the trip, take a look at the People’s Coast Classic website.

This event benefits the Arthritis Foundation by raising vital funds that enables us to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control, and cure of arthritis and related diseases. The mission of the ride is to fund educational programs, critical research, community services, and free public resources.  The People’s Coast Classic has a goal of reaching $250,000 by the event. At the time of this blog, they have currently raised $83,000!

Ready to help find a cure for Arthritis, improve lives, and enjoy the beauty of the Oregon Coast at the same time? Sign up for the bike ride!

Something Spectacular from Súpa!

April 14th, 2015 by Jon

c700x420Soup is something that when you get it right, it can rock your world. There’s nothing like having the perfect flavor of soup paired off with the perfect sandwhich that makes your blah afternoon into an awesome one.

To help make your afternoon that much better, Portland Pedal Power has teamed up with Súpa! Soups to help bring you some of the most delicious soups in the Portland area!

Taking Portland diners by storm, Súpa! offers an exquisite array of small batch artisan soups and taste tempting Melties, Sammies & Salads.

Súpa comes from the ancient Latin word suppa which literally means “bread soaked in broth” and while their soups and melties certainly can hold their own, the ah-ha! moment comes when you combine the two for the most perfect bite. That is Súpa!

Take a look at some of the delectable soups you will find on our menu:

Vegetarian Soup - Vegetarian soups include Spinach & Feta, Hungarian Mushroom, Mac & Cheese and more!

Omni Soup - Omni soups include Rustic Country Chicken and more!

Súpa Geek Salad - Mixed greens, romaine, tomato, shaved red onion, black olives and feta with your choice of Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard or Thousand Island dressing.

The Mezza SandwichFresh mozzerella, feta, sun dried tomato spread, roasted red pepper and pesto sauce. 

Yogi SandwichRoasted red pepper hummus, cucumber, tomato, shaved red onion, fresh greens, feta and sun dried tomato spread on soft ciaba.

Súpa also offers a great chance to order the soup of the day! Take a look at whats on the menu right now.

Ready to order yourself some Súpa? Take a look at what you can find on our menu!

Delivery from Helen Bernhard’s Bakery

April 9th, 2015 by Jon

logoThere’s nothing like fresh baked goods right out of the oven. Whether it’s a freshly baked cookie, a hand-decorated cake, or delicious butterhorn, there are few better ways to start the day off. That’s why we are very excited to be delivering for Helen Bernhard Bakery!

Helen Bernhard Bakery was established in 1924, beginning, as many bakeries did in those early days, by baking cakes for neighbors and friends. At the time, the Bernhard family lived in the house next to the present shop. Ben Bernhard’s father was a minister at Grace Lutheran Church and his mother, Helen, created the cake business as a hobby and an addition to the family’s income.

Most recently, the bakery was purchased by Mike and Kellie Snaadt.  They are inspired by the rich history and loving memories the bakery provides the community.  The bakery has seen many changes in it’s 90 years of existence, but amid all those changes, the home bakery feeling still remains.

And now, Helen Bernhard’s delivers with Portland Pedal Power! Take a look at our menu, and you’re going to find some delicious treats:

Coffee Cake and Coffee Cake Rings Made from scratch recipe Danish dough. We fill them with a variety of fruit flavors then bake them in a ring shape perfect for office meetings and parties.

Cup Cakes - Available in white, chocolate, pink champagne and red velvet. We offer 3 levels of decoration depending on the type of event. Party includes icing and sprinkles, specialty are a more decadently topped cupcake with chocolates, fruits and drizzles, and our fancy include icing flowers or other decorations choices.

ButterhornsOur traditional round morning Danish, mini style can be topped with custard or a variety of fruit toppings.

GQqOlNbv61savYSpecialty Cakes – Choice of Rich German Chocolate cake, Light Carrot cake, or decadent  White Chocolate cake.

In addition to the assorted baked goods you’ll find on our menu, Helen Bernhard’s also specializes in decorating incredible cakes! If you have a super special celebration that needs a specially decorated cake, contact us directly for pricing and opportunities, nearly anything is possible.

Celebrating Earth Day with USAgencies Credit Union

April 7th, 2015 by Jon

11024108_430426627118881_1557199712_nEarth Day in Portland is something special. It gives us a chance to reflect on how we conserve resources, plant a tree for future generations, and celebrate healthy living and green technologies.

That’s why we always get so excited for Earth Day at Portland Pedal Power. We are all about sustainability and green technology. Having a day dedicated to promoting that kind of lifestyle is a great opportunity to tell everyone about why we love to deliver by bike!

To help promote traveling on two wheels, Portland Pedal Power is going to be at the Edith Green Building this coming Earth Day, April 22nd, with USAgencies Credit Union. USAgencies offers a great bicycle loan program, ensuring you have the ability to get the bicycle of your dreams. Whether you need a cargo bike to move some serious weight, a road bike to get you around the city, or a city bike for some laid back cruising over the weekend, USAgencies wants to get you the bike that suits you best.

Come say hi to us on the 22nd! We will have some delicious treats from one of our vendors and will be talking about our awesome Pyxis cargo box, the many uses of cargo bikes, and all the benefits you can get by incorporating cycling into your daily commute.