Portland Pedal Power is an owner-run company, committed to strengthening our community by supporting local businesses. In 2009, founder Ken Wetherell built the first cargo bike delivery enclosure (now named the Pyxis™) in his garage and started delivering food to hungry locals.

Our fleet has grown to 14 delivery bikes and we are catering bigger and better lunches, fueling local restaurant sales, and promoting likeminded businesses with a unique active advertising platform.

Catering by bike sustainably brings food and products to businesses which reduces congestion and C02 emissions on our busy downtown streets, helping companies enhance their sustainable business practices, and encouraging our vendors to think differently about packaging, waste and reuse. It’s a holistic approach that has us constantly evolving and improving our practices.

We are working to revolutionize how businesses connect in dense urban centers. Work with us and let us work for you. Power to the pedal!

Meet the team

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, but we all have two things in common: a passion for bikes and a love of Portland!

Jenn Dederich, CEO & Owner
Jenn Dederich, CEO & OwnerTaskmaster and captain of the ship.
PPP Stacy Blumberg
Stacy Blumberg, CMO & OwnerMarketing guru and IPA enthusiast.
Ken Wetherell, Founder & Owner
Ken Wetherell, Founder & OwnerBike design visionary and squirrel chaser.
Courtney Martin, CFO & Owner
Courtney Martin, CFO & OwnerRainmaker and shower rapper.
Brook Buxton, Delivery Operations Manager
Brook Buxton, Delivery Operations ManagerChief of office operations and dinosaur robot.
Alex Kreis, R&D and Brand Ambassador Rider
Alex Kreis, R&D and Brand Ambassador RiderPyxis research & development master and future architect.
Susan with bike
Susan Gershwin, Special Projects/Brand Ambassador RiderPassionate about social justice. Instigator of human pyramids.
Dan Erle, Brand Ambassador Rider
Dan Erle, Brand Ambassador RiderLives for bikes, rides like wind.
Jeremy with bike
Jeremy Soll, Brand Ambassador RiderSound traveler, animal lover, and endorphin junkie.
Buddy the dog
Buddy, ShopdogShopdog. Topdog. Ecofriendly vacuum cleaner.

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