What is Sustainable Catering?

Portland Pedal Power provides sustainable catering services to Portland businesses. The PPP bikes are a carbon neutral way to deliver food, but bicycle-based delivery is just one part of the model. Sustainable catering addresses the issues of carbon emissions, food and food packaging waste, and hunger.


Facts about food waste and hunger:

  • Over one-third of food produced is wasted globally, amounting to roughly 1.3 billion tons per year
  • Food and food packaging make up 45% of all materials in landfills
  • Food waste alone accounts for about 8% of global carbon emissions
  • Reducing food waste is the #3 way to reverse climate change
  • Hunger impacts about 15% of Oregonians.

Portland Pedal Power’s sustainable catering model:

  • Food is locally-sourced from Portland’s premiere restaurants, food carts, and bakeries.
  • Meals are delivered with zero emissions using a fleet of cargo bikes.
  • Family-style packaging is the default option reducing packaging and food waste
  • Reusable tableware use is encouraged
  • Leftover food can be donated to local nonprofits- Portland Rescue Mission or Urban Gleaners

In 2018, Portland Pedal Power saved nearly 29 tons of CO2 emissions using bikes to deliver food. We routed nearly 2,500 meals to people in need of food assistance. This year we’re hoping to have an even bigger impact and to create a method for calculating the amount of packaging waste that is kept from landfills through sustainable catering.

Thank you to all of our customers that entrust Portland Pedal Power with providing great food to the office in a more environmentally friendly manner. If you are interested in trying us out, you can order online or email us for more information.

If you have ideas, thoughts of feedback for us, we’d love to hear them in the comments section.

The 2019 Bike More Challenge is almost Here!

May is just around the corner and we here at Portland Pedal Power couldn’t be more excited! May’s one of our favorite months of the year.  Not only do some of the more interesting food events like BBQ Month and National Eat What You Want Day happen this month. Also, it’s National Bike Month! That means that the Bike More Challenge is about to begin, brought to us by our friends at the Street Trust.


The Bike More Challenge has been around since 1995 and is celebrating its 24th year. They’ve been working to encourage people to get out of their cars and sitting on bicycles. Most of us here at PPP commute by bike and we can say that it’s certainly invigorating, though we aren’t sad to see winter go away. There are numerous statistics from all over the world stating the benefits of biking, from it’s lowered impact on the environment and positive health aspects. We’re convinced that biking also makes people more interesting and attractive but the results of those studies are yet to be published.

The Bike More Challenge is a friendly competition with the base goal of getting your friends, family, and colleagues to learn, enjoy, and experience the positive aspects of riding a bike. We’re pretty serious about the competition. We’ve won twice in the past. We want to win again, but we want it to be a challenge because that means more people are out there on bicycles out there!


Since it is a competition, there are prizes that will be awarded to various participants throughout the state. Some of the partners providing prizes include Laughing Planet Cafe, Showers Pass, Nossa Famiglia, Moberi, Breadwinner Cafe, and more! Get rewarded for logging your rides and encouraging others to ride. Just in the state of Oregon alone, more than 1,400 organizations and 30,000 people (including 7,500+ new riders) have ridden more than 14 million miles during 1.8 million rides and saving over 5.2 million lbs of CO2.

Registration is free, so join a team at work, log all of your rides over the course of the month. This is a great way to participate in National Bike Month. It’s especially great during National Bike to Work Week (May 13-19) and on National Bike to Work Day (May 17). Join up and be a part of the community and growing movement for healthy, thriving communities.

Here at PPP, we’ve got a larger team than last year, and we’re prepared to make sure we log every single mile! We’re ready to win in our size category and encourage people to join the movement!

Maybe you’ll be inspired to join us? Click here to register for the ride and let us know in the comments below if we should keep an eye out for you!

PPP Prepares For Reach The Beach

On Saturday, May 18, Portland Pedal Power riders—along with three thousand Oregon cyclists—will take part in Reach The Beach, an annual bike ride to benefit the American Lung Association.

We’ll be riding to raise money to help those who suffer from lung disease today, and to stop the spread of lung disease tomorrow through education, community service, advocacy, and research. We want to ensure a future with clean air, healthy lungs and smoke-free workplaces for all.

It works like this: riders raise funds from their friends/family/colleagues/etc. to support the American Lung Association (every rider raises at least $150), and then we ride together from Portland or one of the other start locations all the way to The Pelican Brewery in Pacific City, where we’ll celebrate with a big beach party to mark the start of the 2019 summer cycling season.

(No pressure, but if you’d like to make a small tax-deductible donation to the cause you can do so here; just click the tab marked Search for a team and type in “Portland Pedal Power” and our team pop right up.)

It is 101 miles from the start of the ride to Pacific City. Of course, not every participant rides the whole way. Lots of folks form teams and complete the ride as a relay, while others begin from one of the three alternate starting points: Carlton (72 miles), Amity (55 miles), or Grand Ronde (26 miles).

The Portland Wheelmen Touring Club (PWTC) started conducting training rides starting on February 16, 2019, so if you’re interested in participating but want to get warmed up first you can jump onto those. You can get more info about that here.

Personally, we here at PPP will be training the same way we always do: by providing delicious catering by bicycle to our wonderful clients all over Portland.

We haven’t confirmed final numbers, but we are going to be putting at least 10 riders on the road this year. We’re super excited for the ride, and for the gourmet finish line dinner and beach party at the Pelican Pub.

Maybe we’ll see you there? Click here to register for the ride and let us know in the comments below if we should keep an eye out for you.



Fuel In The Tank To Get You Where You Need To Go

By: Daniel Atlas from his blog RYDOZE

Cycling is a seriously fun sport that can call for some serious fueling.  bike produce

While proper nourishment is essential for any successful athlete, cyclists especially require high amounts of energy to power their bodies through long rides. Fueling and refueling with the correct nutrition will help you bike harder, faster, stronger, and further!

How Much Fuel Will You Need?

How much fuel your body needs will differ depending on a few factors such as the length or difficulty of the ride.


As A General Rule, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends 30-60 grams of protein per hour of exercise. The needs and limitations of our bodies can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis.

Some Days, our bodies have seemingly boundless energy whereas, on other days, it’s apparent that they require more rest.  It’s always important to check in with the needs of your body before a ride.

Ultimately, everyone’s bodies work differently and some fuel sources will work better for some people than others. Some athletes prefer to train on a more of an empty stomach, while some prefer to have a little more fuel in the gut.

Experimenting with your fueling routine can help you discover what works best for you.  

But, make sure to keep your routine consistent before/on a long ride or race day!

While experimenting with your exercise and diet routines, you may find it helpful to keep a log of what you ate before/after a ride and how it made you feel.

It Starts Well Before Your Workout

Getting enough sleep is essential to any training plan–physical or mental. It is especially crucial before a long ride or race.

Eating too late at night can disrupt your digestion and the quality of your sleep so make sure to have dinner at an appropriate time.

Also, for ease of digestion, it is recommended to watch your fiber intake and to stay away from extremely spicy foods. (more…)

Local Holiday Gifting, Delivered by Bike with Cheer!

Say thank you to your team or clients with a curated a mix of local and show-stopping goodies perfect for an end of the day pick-me-up or pre-feast nibbles. We’re partnering with Green Zebra Grocery to offer gift boxes in two sizes, delivered sustainably by bicycle. Order by 12/21 to ensure a Christmas delivery.
Not only does our box include well known local super-star products such as Stumptown Evergreen Coffee and Jacobsen’s Sea Salt Caramels, but we are also featuring stand-out items from local producers you may not have heard of such as Oregon Growers Quince Fruit Pâté and Tom Bumble Chocolate Peanut Butter Candies. This box not only contains delectable treats, but it also represents growers, producers, and entrepreneurs that build the regional food economy.
Let us help you take care of your last minute list. Choose from either size below.

Small Gift Box $50*

    • Steven Smith Teamaker Sampler


    • Tom Bumble Chocolate Peanut Butter Candies


    • Stroopwafel Cookies


    • Olympia Provisions Soppresetta


    • 34 Degrees Sesame Crisps


    • Oregon Growers Quince Fruit Pâté


    • O’loves Olives


  • Chedz GF Premium Cheese Snacks


Reduce Your Forkprint in the Office

Office Composting in Portland

Businesses in Portland, Oregon are some of the most progressive in the country at reducing waste, recycling, and composting. It’s good for a company’s bottom line, the community at large, and it reinforces impactful behaviors for employees. The problem is that even if you’re part of business that promotes sustainability, the most up-to-date information about recycling and composting may not have made it to the average employee in the cafeteria.

In Portland, you can compost all of your food, including used coffee filters, tea bags, and certified compost bin liners. Simple, right? The bad news is that there are a lot of misconceptions around compostable materials like cutlery and plates.

Portland businesses can’t compost anything but food. All of those “green” plates, forks, and knives end up in the landfill – but only after time and money have been spent to remove them from the compost stream. If you’ve been throwing those items in the compost bin, it’s time to stop.

Residential compost material is sent to a commercial facility which can accommodate more types of materials, like napkins and pizza boxes. Business compost is sent to an anaerobic digester to generate methane for electricity production- and only the food waste (and the three exceptions) can be broken down by the bacteria used in this process. (more…)

10 Tips for Starting to Bike Commute

The re-emergence of sunny warm days is the perfect time to consider bike commuting. Cycle commuting is a healthy, economical, and environmentally friendly way to travel to and from work. If you’re not yet a regular bike commuter, don’t be deterred by the logistics. Bicycle commuting is easy to do and highly rewarding. Read along to find 10 helpful tips on making the transition from Doc Triathlon.

1. Set Goals

In certain circumstances, commuting to and from work every day is achievable, but what works for some doesn’t work for everyone. Factors, such as distance, weather, time, and convenience, can help you determine when and how often you should ride to and/or from work.

We recommend starting slow and working your way up to an achievable goal. This could mean carpooling to work with a coworker and taking a leisurely ride home or cycling both ways for a single day of the week.

2. Get the Essential Gear

Don’t be deterred by fancy, expensive gadgets or outerwear. To get started, all you need is a decent bike and a helmet. You should also consider investing in a bright, reflective garment that will help motorists to see you better.

Work clothes are suitable for short, low-impact rides, while Spandex bike shorts and a change of clothes are recommended for rides that are longer than a half hour. (more…)

Five Tips When Ordering Food for Your Office

If you’re regularly tasked with ordering individual meals or catered lunches for events at your office, you’re responsible for keeping a lot of people satisfied. We’ve compiled five tips to help you keep the team happy and minimize your stress when ordering food.

Photo Credit: Dan Gold

  1. Order Early

Nothing throws a wrench in a restaurant’s operations like a late order they’re trying to squeeze in. The reality is good restaurants are doing as much, if not more, business with their delivery partners than their in-house customers. Traditional kitchens are not designed with this kind of volume in mind, and it can quickly overload the staff.

If possible, order 2-5 days in advance and schedule your food to be delivered on the early side of your lunch window. That way you won’t get stuck behind last minute orders, or an in-house rush of customers.

  1. Get Your Food From One Vendor Who Can Accommodate All of Your Dietary Needs

One-stop shopping for office vegans, celiacs, and those with food allergies, helps on multiple levels. First, it cuts your workload. Second, it helps with accurate labeling and answering any questions you may have after the food has been delivered. Third, if the restaurant is running ahead or behind schedule, all of the food will show up at one time. Few things are more stressful than having food for only some of your hungry co-workers. (more…)

The Portland Pedal Power Pack is Growing!

Thanks to your support, PPP is growing. Meet our newest members…and their pets!

We’re confident that these friendly folks will keep the gears at PPP running smoothly, so you continue to receive top-notch sustainable service, pollution free, and worry-free. Check out their stories below.


Position: Chief Operating Officer

Where are you from, and how long have you been in Portland?

I’m from Palo Alto, in the Bay area. I’ve been in the Portland area for 2 1/2 years, and I’m not leaving!

Favorite hobbies/ things to do in Portland?

Eating at new restaurants, being outdoors, going to live shows of any kind.

Aaron’s dog, Meadow

Favorite restaurants in Portland?

Tasty and Alder, Renata, Irving St. Kitchen.

Favorite thing about working for PPP?

The incredibly nice, hard-working, committed people.  

Favorite place to bike in Oregon?


What are you riding now?

Frankenstein titanium hardtail mountain bike



Position: Marketing Specialist

Where are you from, and how long have you been in Portland?

Originally from the Midwest, I moved to Portland three years ago, after my Peace Corps service in Lesotho. High five for anyone who knows where Lesotho is!

What do you do outside of PPP?

I’m an MBA Sustainable Systems candidate at Presidio Graduate School (Seattle). In my free time, I bike, practice yoga, adventure with my partner and our dog, fiddle around with the fiddle, and get myself lost in the woods.

Favorite restaurants in Portland?

Shawna’s dog, Happy Peanut

Ate-Oh-Ate, Boxer Ramen, Handsome Pizza, Tasty and Alder, & Wolf & Bear’s

Favorite thing about working for PPP?

The culture at PPP is refreshing, engaging and fun. Our leadership encourages everyone to contribute their unique skills to special projects so that it creates a thriving community of people bringing their whole selves to work. I also love that our company is majority woman-owned and that our company is built on sustainability.

Favorite place to bike in town?

In town, Marine Drive and the Springwater Corridor. When there’s time to venture out of the city, I’ll hit the Banks-Vernonia Trail.

What are you riding now?

Salsa Viya (more…)