Corporate Account Application

Concierge Delivery & Active Advertising by Bicycle Corporate Delivery Agreement Application
  • - Company will offer concierge delivery services to the Customer, Monday through Friday (7:00am-7:30pm) and weekends or holidays with a 48 hour pre-notice. - PPP is a sustainable delivery company. By default we do not provide napkins/utensils and we package orders family style to decrease our joint environmental footprint. If you need these items for a specific order, we will provide them for a minimal fee. - Napkin and Utensil set per person: $0.25 - Full setup (Napkin/Utensils/Plate) per person: $0.50 - Rider gratuity is always included. Please select the level at which you would like to tip. The rider tip is calculated as a percent of food or product total and will automatically be added to the order total.
  • - Service fees are based on the distance, quantity of product delivered and service level. Additional fees may be applied for heavy loads, delivery pick up or drop outside of normal delivery areas or service hours Small/Medium Orders: - Under $125, normal fees apply plus rider gratuity - $125- $250, minimum $25 delivery fee plus rider gratuity www. @pdxpedpow 503.764.1415(p)/503.764.1499(f) - $250-$350, minimum $40 delivery fee plus rider gratuity - Additional services for orders under $350: - Optional full set up, serving & clean-up is available for a $40 hour service fee - Custom order creation is available for a $40 per hour service fee, billed per quarter hour with a minimum $15. Large Orders: - Require a minimum 48 hour advance notice to assure availability and delivery time. - Orders over $350, minimum $60 delivery. Fees are applied as stated below for additional services: - 10% service charge includes menu creation, full set up - 18% service charge includes menu creation, full set up, serving, clean up - Orders are placed by signing into your online account. - Go to Online Menus and select invoice as payment, - Or go to Custom Order Request for special order requests (outside normal operation hours or special item request). - Custom order request may incur a fee Billing The Company will track the amount owed by the Customer based on invoice receipts retained from each delivery and bill the Customer on the 1st and 15th of the month through an electronically mailed invoice. All invoice balances are due upon receipt. Payments can be made by check, ACH payment from your bank account or with your credit card. No transaction fee is applied to accounts that utilize free bi-monthly invoicing paid by check or ACH. Payment via credit card will be processed for each order and a 3% convenience fee will be applied. Payments must be received by PPP within two weeks of the date of invoice. A 2% billing fee will be assessed for late payments. The fee will be incurred after the payment is considered late, and applied for each additional 7 day period following the due date. Please select the type of payment method you prefer.
  • This agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the Company and the Customer and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements between the Company and the Customer, oral or written. Facsimile, and email signatures shall have the same legal effects as original signature.