Reduce Food Waste with Lloyd Delivers

Lloyd EcoDistrict and Portland Pedal Power are teaming up to promote upstream and downstream solutions to food waste and hunger with Lloyd Delivers.

Lloyd Delivers enables real choices that reduce waste and greenhouse gases, while fighting hunger in Portland. When companies participate, office and event managers are empowered to make important choices about how their food is catered and leftovers are used to benefit the community.

Why Food Waste?

Over one-third of food produced is wasted globally, amounting to roughly 1.3 billion tons per year. Food and food packaging make up 45% of all materials in landfills, and food waste alone accounts for ~8% of global carbon emissions. Reducing food waste is the #3 way to reverse climate change.

Simultaneously, hunger affects over 14% of Oregonians, and an estimated 3,800 people are living without homes in Portland. Hunger, poverty and homelessness are complex issues which will not be solved with food donations alone, but we aim to catalyze individual engagement and corporate action.

Partnering for a Better Solution

Lloyd EcoDistrict, Portland Pedal Power, eBay Foundation, and Move Food are partnering to expand the impact of this project in two phases. Phase one includes community outreach and education about how to make sustainable choices for in-office catering, and expanding Portland Pedal Power services throughout the district. Phase two of this project will incorporate a simple-to-use app, Move Food, that connects available food donations with delivery volunteers and routes them to a place of need.

Sustainable Catering

Portland Pedal Power offers companies superior catering choices for employee meetings and special events. All food is locally-sourced from a full range of Portland restaurants and bakeries. Meals are delivered with zero emissions with a fleet of cargo bikes.

By choosing to cater with Portland Pedal Power, companies may select family style food packaging, eliminating the need for unnecessary packaging and waste. Leftover food can be donated to local charities: Portland Rescue Mission and New Avenues for Youth, and a portion of all sales are donated back to Lloyd EcoDistrict.

Ready to get started with sustainable catering? Click here to order from Portland Pedal Power.