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photo_deliveryA New York style bagel: Right off the bat, you might think it would be pretty difficult to find such a baked good around here. After all, Portland can’t get much farther away from the Big Apple.

How could Portland, Oregon, found about as far west of New York as you can get (About 3,000 miles worth!), create such a classic symbol of the metropolis?

Never fear, skeptical bagel connoisseur, for a hero appears within our very city! Bowery Bagels is Portland’s premier New York style bagel bakery and sandwich shop. The hand rolled bagels are boiled and then baked, resulting in an authentic, lightly crisp, chewy bagel.

Their bagels are particularly delicious with any of  Bowerys house made cream cheese schmears: plain, smoked salmon, fresh herb, roasted vegetable, (bacon-onion-mushroom), and several vegan options.

They offer breakfast bagel sandwiches in the morning, and a delicious selection of lunch sandwiches, made from scratch soups, and salads. All the meats, sausages and bacon, are roasted and cured in our kitchen.

Make sure you start your morning off right, or get yourself pumped for a second wind at the office: Get yourself something delicious from Bowery. We take care of the hard work, and all you have to do is meet up with us, grab your meal, and get a taste of New York. Our Bowery-toting bikes have got your back.

  • Len

    Too bad PPP doesn’t deliver to Vancouver as I would DEFINITELY get delivery on this. Nothing like a ‘true NY bagel’. Has to be eaten to be believed. Nice write up!