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Catering setup

Editors note, 5/18/2020: We wanted to let our community know that we will be releasing a full update soon about our enhanced safety precautions. For now, some highlights are: 1) Masks are worn while picking up your food and at your office. 2) Delivery bags and boards are cleaned after each use, and bikes are cleaned before every route. 3) all employees maintain a 6+ feet working distance or are work remotely. Stay safe, Portland!


The increase in coronavirus cases in the US and here in Portland has led to increased sensitivity around hygiene and safety best practices. This is especially true when it comes to food. While the CDC states that there is no evidence that food causes the spread of coronavirus, it is important to ensure that food consumed in the office meets food safety guidelines and general hygiene best practices.

At Portland Pedal Power, food safety is always top of mind. We want to ensure our customers that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep you and your food safe. Below is a list of the PPP safety protocols followed by our catering team’s recommendations for food safety in the office. 

Portland Pedal Power staff precautions:

  1. All PPP staff are food handlers certified and are trained to:
    • Wash their hands frequently while working
    • Use gloves when serving food to customers
    • Ensure that food is properly packaged for transport
    • Stay home from work if experiencing symptoms of illness
  2. All food is transported in food bags which are cleaned regularly
  3. Disposable utensils, plates, cups, napkins and serving utensils are stored in sealed or covered containers.
  4. While we do not monitor or control the restaurants we partner with, we have long standing relationships with them and are confident in their knowledge of food safety best practices.

General recommendations for food in the office:

  1. Encourage all employees to wash their hands frequently and especially before eating. 
  2. Place hand sanitizer in the room where food is being served and/or consumed in a place where it is easily seen and accessed by staff.
  3. Wipe down counters and tables before serving and consuming food and again after the meal.
  4. Clean serving utensils frequently during the meal. 

Serving recommendations:

  1. While family style serving is a more sustainable practice due to reduced packaging waste, many customers are opting for individual packaging to limit the number of other people who come into contact with the food. 
  2. GO Box reusable containers are a great option for those who are sustainability conscious and looking for individual packaging. 
  3. Sandwiches, burritos and gyros are recommended for those who are looking to avoid using cutlery with their meals.