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IMG_20150401_125412For the past 7 years, Portland Pedal Power has been sticking to two wheels and people power, bringing you some of the most delicious food right to your office. It’s been a great run, and we all have some huge leg muscles now thanks to crossing the bridges.

But why stick to two wheels, when you can have four?

Portland Pedal Power is excited to announce that we are ditching the Bikes and changing our name to “Portland Pick-Up Power!” Thanks to the team in Research and Development, PPP has discovered a completely new way of delivering food right to your office: By Truck! Instead of fighting traffic on the bike, we’re sending our riders out in our newly acquired fleet of Pick-Ups.

Our new top-of-the-line petroleum powered fleet will be delivering food at top speed, navigating the streets of Portland with flat-beds and expertly navigating hills and bridges.

Take a look at what our new fleet offers:

Human-Friendly Fossil Fuels – Instead of wasting human energy, we’re burning oil to get the food from the cart to you! Now that’s efficiency.

High Visibility Turn Signals – Rather than using the traditional hand signals, our fleet is now equipped with a standard turn signal system, allowing us to electronically notify people on the road when we’re turning left, right, or even slowing down.

Easy Navigation – No more crowded bike lanes for us! Using our high-powered 19th century engine innovation, we’re cruising at high speed  up and down hills and across our many bridges, bringing your food at breakneck speed.

High Capacity Payload – Our newly acquired fleet comes standard with the newly minted “High-Capacity Pyxis Bed,” allowing us to move high volume of food. Need two tons of burritos for your next office party? We can do it!

Ready to get your food delivered by our the newest innovation to hit the streets? Ask us about how you can get your food delivered by Portland Pick-Up Power today!

April Fools Everyone! Never fear, we are still pedal powered!





  • Len

    Nice! About time PPP moved Into the 19th century. Why ride a bike when a pick-up is so much more energy efficient. Now you can extend your range to Camas!