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Climate change and what we can do to help stave off the worst effects is a hot topic that is taking the country, and world, by storm. Portland, which was recently polled as the 9th greenest city (can you believe we’re that low?) is working hard to be a leader in sustainability. This is evident in the most recent plastics policy that just went into effect. 

As of October 1, 2019, restaurants in the city of Portland cannot automatically include numerous single-use plastic items. This includes straws, stirrers, utensils (sporks, spoons, forks, and knives), and individually packaged condiments (ketchup, mayo, mustard, relish, jelly, jam, soy sauce, creamer, and hot sauce). It applies to all orders that are eaten on-premise, obtained in the drive-through, taken out, or delivered by a service. All of these items can still be obtained except that now they must be requested by the customer. 

PPP is committed to sustainability and we have a long-standing policy not to provide single-use plastics as a part of our delivery service unless requested. We’re excited to see that the city of Portland is taking this step to reduce the distribution of unneeded disposable plastics. They always end up in the landfill, often without being used. 

If you have any ideas about ways we can further reduce the use of plastics please leave a comment and let us know. We’re always looking for ways to be more sustainable.