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Bicycles are a significant part of life, not just business, for many who live in this beautiful city by the sea.

Beach vendor

Cold drinks on the beach anyone?

Old man on 3-wheel single speed

The coolest picture I ever ruined. Check out this aged rider. Yes, that's a single gear! This was a very hilly area.

beautiful fender

Artistic talent and pride make for a beautiful everyday hauler

Construction worker

Transporting materials to the job site

Serious load and one gear

These single-gear 3-wheelers are a common sight in Mazatlan and are serious work horses

school kids

Kids and books to school by bike

recycling bike

Transporting recyclable material scavenged at the city landfill.

photos by bike

Self portrait

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  • Ken Wetherell

    Jenn, thanks for your comment. Glad you liked the pics.

  • Jenn

    Ken– What great photos! I love this article. – jenn