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Wine at Little Green Grocer

A glimpse of a nice wine selection

Portland Pedal Power at Little Green Grocer

Equipment: Humpty Dumpty on Stoked Xtra Milano

Glued to the tube watching the World Cup? Studying for a final? Out of beer!? Fear not. Little Green Grocer and PPP have teamed up to offer full grocery, beer and wine delivery services. Woo hoo!

The grocery delivery service is available in PPP’s downtown Portland delivery zones during our daytime and nighttime delivery times. And yes, PPP is authorized to provide beer and wine delivery to your home or business! I know, it’s almost too good to be true.

Beer at Little Green Grocer

A tiny sample of a great beer collection!

When I tell people about Portland Pedal Power, they sometimes ask if we deliver convenience store goods. They probably remember the bicycle delivery businesses or Hunger Squad. Well, our partnership with Little Green Grocer is convenient, but the store is much more like a mix between an organic food co-op and a farmers market and much, much less like a 7-Eleven! It is quite simply a most beautiful shop.

Chips gallore

Chips gallore! Interesting and out of the ordinary choices.

If you have not visited the Little Green Grocer, I recommend you do. If you need an excuse to go to the Pearl District, why not make Tanner Springs Park a sunny day bike destination? The park is right across the street from the store. You’ll have arns-reach access to all the picnicaliscious fixins’ you would ever want.


Got'ny cheeeeeez?

The store is surprisingly complete for being so kozy. It’s nice to be able to get everything one might need without having to traverse long aisles wondering where the hell the olive oil is hidden.

So folks, if you are “in the zone”, kick back and take advantage of this convenient delivery service and let the fine folks at Little Green Grocer show you their excellent service. Experience the awesome quality and selection of this fantastic family owned store.

Call Little Green Grocer directly to place your order: 503.297.4728

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