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Launching a business is hard work. And it can be kind of scary. How will people know the business exists? How will they come to know our great products? Leo and Kyrstin Westwind, the mother-son duo, recently launched their startup organic dog biscuit business with some coordinated help from PPP to get the word out fast. In fact, Leo & Company included PPP as an integral part of their go-to-market play book. The pair wanted our help in addressing these tough questions. The marketing partnership included PPP’s Pedal Ads, deliveries to dog shops, and lots of treats-on-the-streets for Portland’s furry friends. The results have delighted both companies!

Loki treat

Loki Westwind. A very good dog!

The relationship was strong from the beginning. The details of the marketing collaboration were forged by Kyrstin and PPP’s Jenn Dederich. Both of these leading women bring a level of energy and enthusiasm that is absolutely contagious. On top of this executive alignment, both companies share the belief that business should be both profitable and good for the communities they serve. Bicycle-based marketing made perfect sense for the launch of Leo & Co.

On the topic of community: not only does Leo & Co support organic farmers and smart delivery, they also donate a percentage of their profits to no-kill animal shelters. And if that weren’t enough, they use their biscuits in their volunteer work to socialize shelter animals. What’s not to love about these two!?

I need to take a moment to talk about the biggest winners: the dogs! Leo’s organic, hand-made biscuits are super wholesome. In fact, when I read the ingredients on one of our sample bags, I ate one. It’s just food. Period. These morsels are formulated to be more appealing taste-wise to dogs than people (they are not sweet or salty). My dog loves them, as do Portland’s downtown-dogs who participated in the dog park sampling campaign. Super crunchy, just like Fido expects! The sampling was done from PPP’s smart delivery bikes and we plan to continue the practice. I have to admit, it’s super fun for us to do while we are out riding the bikes. So, if you’re out and about in Portland with your dog, give us a holler and ask for a treat!

I’ll let Kyrstin provide the details of the engagement from her point of view in her thank you letter:

“I can’t thank you and PPP enough for all your help launching our business. I have no doubt that much of our success and exponential growth is due to the fact that Portland Pedal Power put a face to our “advertising dollars”, as well as critical thinking, commitment, and flat out passion. I know that the Dog Park Campaign (an idea you guys came up with) was such a huge success because of the real human (and animal) interactions that took place, which are so much more powerful than a static print ad or coupon. We have also gotten orders from folks who happened to have impromptu conversations with PPP riders, out making their rounds, and were impressed enough to place orders for biscuits. Without exception, everyone I have spoken to who encounted any aspect of PPP’s work on our behalf has commented on how professional, friendly, and compelling you are. I can’t imagine operating a business in Portland without PPP, and look forward to continue working with you in the future.”

Kyrstin told me they have quickly outgrown the space they use to produce the product and are looking for a larger kitchen. We join her in loving this problem!

Here are some ways to contact and follow Leo & Company as well as the retail, shelter, and online purchase options for their high quality products:

The Hip Hound
2328 NW Westover Road
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 841-5410

Meat for Cats & Dogs
2205 E Burnside
Portland Oregon 97214
(503) 236-6971

Dog Star
1313 Northwest Kearney Street
Portland, OR 97209-2712
(503) 227-0292

Dog Star will be handing out samples of our treats during the Pearl’s
1st Thursday festivities. They also include a sample in the adoption
packets they send home with the shelter dogs they host.

Family Dogs New Life Shelter also includes our samples in their
adoption packages
9101 Southeast Stanley Avenue
Portland, OR 97206-0653
(503) 771-5596

Folks can friend, follow and find Leo & Company online:

Biscuit hearts

Whoof! Whoof!