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Courtney with enclosure dumb-bells

PPP finance strong-woman, Courtney Martin, easily hoists two enclosures

I have to wonder what kind of search results that title might appear on. NOTICE: If you are looking for treatment, congratulations! But, please keep looking as we can only offer you our support. 😉

The real story here is about refurbishing the wood finish on our delivery bike enclosures.

After our first year and a wet winter, our wooden structures were beginning to show some wear. So, Courtney, Jenn and I dedicated the Memorial Day weekend to refinishing two of them. We met that Saturday morning at the Portland Pedal Power Manufacturing Plant (aka my garage) and got to work. This means that Jenn and Court took charge immediately and made sure I stayed focused and on task. They are very effective at that (which is a good thing). The enclosures came out beautifully and we are happy with our new finishing process and materials. We expect these working structures to take whatever Mother Nature dishes out. After a super soggy June (a rainfall record), they are performing well.

PPP rehab work crew

Jenn applying finish...Court supervising...Zach hardly working

We topped off the weekend with a company BBQ potluck that Sunday evening. Zach arrived early as we were putting on the final touches. As an employee, he was off-the-clock and thereby allowed to drink beer and make snide remarks only. He did a great job. Thanks Zach.


A nice shot of Jenn!

Molly appears after all work is complete...apparently trying to boost her candidacy for PPP mascot.

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  • Ken Wetherell

    Hey Jay, thanks for your nice comments and interest in our bicycle delivery and Pedal Ad enclosures. We don’t have ready-to-go plans at this moment, but may be able to help you in the near future. Send me an email with your phone number and let’s talk. I look forward to understanding what you are doing and how PPP can help! Cheers, Ken

  • Jay Walsh

    Hey – Love what you’re doing out there in Portland !!

    I was wondering if you have construction plans for your delivery/advertising delivery structurers?

    Would be willing to pay for the plans. They seem well thought out and the advertising aspect is a bonus.

    Live Well!