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Paul Sykes and his awesome fender

Paul Sykes with a flawless install on one of the PPP bikes

Sykes Water Bottle Holder

When I look at our delivery bikes with their wooden cargo enclosures and Sykes Wood Fenders, I wonder why more bike accessories aren’t made from wood. Wood looks soooo good (“darn good lookin’ as Paul says), is forgiving to work with, is renewable, and has some very attractive structural properties. Paul has done a beautiful job in making front sets for our Yuba Mundos. He even made the fenders with our logo on them. Way cool. The color match of the wood to our birch enclosures looks awesome. Thanks for a job well done, Paul!

Sykes Fenders is also PPP’s latest Pedal Ads client. Thanks for your business too, Paul!

I look forward to adding Sykes newest product to our bikes: Sykes Wooden Water Bottle Holders. If you have not seen these yet, you’ve gotta check out his website for photos of all the gorgeous wood species choices. These are true masterpieces!

Sykes on Blue

Yours truly showing off on the waterfront