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Big Ass Sandwiches

Brian & Lisa of Big-Ass Sandwiches on SW 3rd and Ash

CNN Travel recently ranked Portland the #1 city IN THE WORLD in their short piece, “World’s best street food”. Woohoo!

Portland Pedal Power is here to make it happen for you when you can’t get down to the carts.

Locals: aren’t you glad you don’t need to travel to access this culinary bounty? And for those days you really can’t travel at all — even to go outside your workplace — aren’t you glad you have a smart delivery service at your fingertips that will will bring it to you? Wait, just one more plug here. Isn’t it fantastic that instead of the same-old same-old food for your working lunch meetings, you can order the WORLD’s BEST STREET FOOD online or by phone. Whoa. Life is good. Check out these great food cart menus now before you forget just how good your life really is.

Capt Rick's Wild Seafood

No bull, from a genuine Alaskan fisherman

Non-locals: want to stay in for some romance during your visit to Portland and still sample this great (and cheap) food? We’ve got your number. No, wait, you’ve got our number. Another option is to catch a pedi-cab, ask the driver to swing you by a row of food carts, and then eat while you get a first rate, open air tour of the town. Love it.

Order up! Get it hot (unless you want something cold, like a fresh salad). Portland Pedal Power is honored to deliver the best street food in the world.

For a great read on the happenings in the world of Portland food carts, check out this nice review, “2009 – a Food Cart Bonanza”, and other in-depth coverage on Food Carts Portland.

Aybla Grill gyro

Aybla Grill Authentic Mediterranean on 925 SW Alder and SW 5th & Oak