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nows a ton about sourcing farmer-direct coffee beans, roasting coffee beans, delivering coffee beans and serving freshly brewed coffee by bike. For a town full of folks who love their coffee and their bicycle deliveries, these are great qualities.

Trailhead coffee cafe bike

Too pretty for words. Trailhead’s all new coffee cafe bike.

Charlie founded Trailhead Coffee Roasters with these qualities and is now operating with new roasting equipment, in a larger facility, and making deliveries with a new coffee cafe bike


Back to that new custom delivery bike! Charlie is a super creative guy with an eye for aesthetic cargo bike design. His latest creation is a gorgeous tear-drop shaped delivery bike that serves as a coffee cafe. Please forgive the poor lighting on these photos. I took them at Trailhead’s Roaster-Warming party last night and I had to share them. I LOVE THIS BIKE!! It even has handmade inlay LED lights on the trailing edge of each side. To top it off, the structure is mounted on a Metrofiets cargo bike, hand-built in Portland. The bike looks huge. And it is. But thoughtful design has resulted in a surprisingly lightweight structure for its size and capacity. Grabbing the handlebars and looking over the large top deck makes you want to ride this thing. Big time.

While at the Roaster-Warming, I got the opportunity to meet employee, Tym Lang. Tym brings a rich background of bicycle delivery experience that includes courier and food deli

New roaster

The new roaster! The units in the foreground and background are connected. This thing is huge.

very work in New York City. He is also in the early development stage with his own courier company in Portland, Epic Courier.


Trailhead is a great company. Beans are purchased from women-owned and operated farms through Cafe Femenino cooperative. Great care is then taken back in Portland to ensure the best roast quality and the lowest possible emissions from the roasting equipment. The company has also purchased carbon offsets, resulting in carbon-neutral roasting.

Visit the Trailhead Coffee Roasters website to learn more and to find store locations such as Little Green Grocer, Food Front Coop, Cafe-Velo, Pastaworks, and select New Seasons, Market of Choice, and Whole Foods stores.

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  • Jeannie

    This is so Portland! A portable coffee cafe is interesting.

    The bike looks big and heavy. I hope that has worked out well.

  • Jonsky

    That bike looks awfully heavy. He must’ve had a hard time going uphill. It’s very cool though. I think the bike could sell a lot of coffees on the street.

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