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Daniel delivering

Daniel Brewster on the road. Photo:

Daniel Brewster has worked diligently on his bicycle delivery service business for over three years. His client list and recent award for “Best Green Business” by readers of The Source Weekly, demonstrate that his hard work is paying off. Even with employees, he’s putting in six days a week to meet demand.

Cascade Couriers and PPP have been keeping in touch and giving each other mutual support for over two years now. It began when Daniel contacted me to talk about insurance. As both businesses grow, it’s great to catch up and share stories about new clients, challenges, projects and expansion ideas. When Daniel was in Portland a few months ago, several of us met up with him face-to-face for the first time.

Daniel and I caught up by phone late last month and I am impressed by the great progress he is making.  I’m just going to rattle off a list here:

Cascade cargo

  • Cascade Couriers has two employees (not including wife, Amy, who jumped on a delivery bike recently when he was short a rider.  What a champ!)
  • 70 curbside compost customers.  This material goes to Fields Farm on the East side of town
  • 3,000 newspaper deliveries per week to around 60 drop locations
  • Morning fresh bread deliveries from two bakeries, including  Sparrow Bakery (another “Bend’s Best” winner)

I’m a Bend High School Graduate (Go class of ’84!) and I’m super excited about the impact Daniel is making in the community.   My Bend friends have all seen Cascade Couriers on the road and the Bend Bulletin recently did a ride-along interview of Daniel.

Bend Cruiser Ride prom queens

Some lovely prom queens make Bend Cruiser Ride. Photo: Bend Cruiser Ride Facebook page

As if working six days a week is not enough, he helps organize the Bend Cruiser Ride every Thursday night.  Each ride has a theme such as Pirates vs. Ninjas, Zombie, Prom Night, Caveman.  You get the idea.  Fun!  Daniel brings his custom music trailer complete with subwoofer (he promises to show me how to build one).  I can’t wait to join one of these rides.

Bend has an active recreational and racing bicycle scene, but not so much for transportation.  This is changing and Daniel is doing his part to hasten it. When he and Amy moved recently, a bunch of friends pitched in for a bike move.  Sofa, washer and dryer, the whole enchilada. Pizza Mondo and Deschutes Brewery stepped up and sponsored the ride. Free pizza and beer for the moving party and bike-based promotional value for the businesses. Nice. Daniel is a bicycle promotions maven.

Cargo compartment

Frontloader’s large cargo compartment. Photo:

Looking forward, Daniel plans to continue focusing on his business-to-business delivery services and is working on lunch deliveries. PPP is looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Daniel and we wish Cascade Couriers all the best of success.