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Yuba Mundo wide load

Wide loaders on Yuba Mundo with precious cargo

If you missed the Sunday Parkways in the Pearl District last month, here are some pics of the cool cargo bikes we saw.  The PPP team was setup on the corner of NW Northrup and 13th, two blocks from Little Green Grocer.  It was a fun and productive day handing out food and coffee and chatting it up with lots and lots of people. We spent the day promoting Trailhead Coffee Roasters and Little Green Grocer (PPP is LGG’s delivery partner) and enjoyed a small crowd through most of the day. Freshly made Trailhead espresso and gourmet snacks from LGG flowed like water to hungry, happy cyclists.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Trailhead's cafe bike

Trailhead’s gorgeous Metrofiets-mounted Cafe Bike

You have to see Trailhead’s custom-built Cafe Bike to fully appreciate it. This post has some nice pictures of the bike. The front-loader cargo bike was built by Portland’s own Metrofiets and the design concept and woodwork is Charlie’s.

A great looking Box Bike with canopy from bike seller  Joe Bike made an appearance while its owners enjoyed some coffee and snacks. Another front-loader model, the Joe Bike ShuttleBug, is handmade in Portland. founder Jonathan Maus and his family stopped by on the new Madsen he had out on a test ride.

A super trick Metrofiets owned by Waterfront Bicycles stopped so we could all drool.  I learned that this bike is not part of their rental fleet.

PPP had three of our bikes out for the day.  Seen in this photo is a Yuba Mundo with Trailhead’s coffee stand trailer hooked up.  The other is an Xtracycle extended bike with a Stokemonkey electric assist system from Clever Cycles. Both bikes sport PPP’s own delivery and Pedal Ads enclosure.

Jenn and I were super excited to put our just-finished shelving system prototype into use. What do you think?

Pimp my ride!

Waterfront Bicycles’ decked-out Metrofiets

Joe Bike's Box Bike

Super slick Box Bike from Joe Bike

PPP enclosures with TCR coffee bar trailer

PPP’s delivery bikes with TCR trailer

PPP's new shelving

Jenn and I with our shelving prototype

Maus family with Madsen

Jonathan Maus and family on a new Madsen

  • Desi

    Hi. I noticed on the first picture on this post with the caption “wideloaders on a Yuba Mundo with Precious Cargo” the the yuba has wooden boxes on it. Where can I find those and how much are they?? Or maybe the owner made them? I’m very interested! Thanks.