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Parker delivering Elephants Deli lunches

Parker delivering Elephants Deli sack lunches

Portland Pedal Power’s first full calendar year of operations was an exciting one for us. We hope it was good for you too! We signed nearly a dozen new partners to participate in PPP’s flagship Food Delivery Service, hired our first employees, expanded our Catering program, and welcomed three companies to our Corporate Client Program. Here’s a retrospective summary of some of the high points for PPP operations in 2010. If we’ve left out your story, please submit a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll post an update.

First, we want to thank all of you — our business clients and ordering customers, admirers and supporters, Twitter followers, those of you who requested our services in your area, and of course, those of you who smiled at us on the streets. Let’s make 2011 as great as 2010!



New PPP Catering partnersCheck out their PPP Catering menus

The following new PPP partners all have catering menus on the PPP online ordering system. Spice up your meetings and events with some new yumminess!

Paccini Restaurant
Bunk Catering
Seres Organic Chinese
Mizu Sushi
Cloud Seven Cafe
Sugar Mamas Catering

Elephants Delicatessen —  We are honored to be a valued partner to Elephants Deli for their Sack Lunch Delivery program. We were thrilled when Elephants management named their relationship with PPP as an important contribution to their achievement of Sustainable Business Oregon’s 2010 Small Business Winner. (Note: Ordering from Elephants is handled by the Deli themselves and not PPP’s online ordering system)

New PPP On-demand meal partners — Check out their PPP On-demand menus

Seres Chinese Restaurant
Pacific Pies
Sugar Mamas cafe
Habibi Lebanese Restaurant
Cloud Seven Cafe
Mizu Sushi
Bunk Sandwiches
Mono Malo Tapas food cart

New PPP Corporate Program clients

What is the PPP Corporate Program? This simple program makes it easy for organizations of any size to get regular meal deliveries for meetings and events. PPP sends a single, convenient invoice monthly or bi-monthly. We can also setup standing meeting arrangement. Call or email us for details and to quickly set up an account.

Welcome Elemental Technologies, Meyer Memorial Trust and Thetus Corporation. PPP appreciates the opportunity to serve you.

2010 PPP Promotional campaigns

Paccini Restaurant — PPP handed out pizza samples and coupons at First Thursday and the PSU Orientation block party to promote Paccini’s introduction as a PPP Food Delivery Service partner

Leo & Co organic dog treats — Leo & Co used PPP as an integral part of their company launch campaign and included Pedal Ads, sampling and delivery to dog parks and doggie shops. Results included several new dog shop retail clients and a huge boost in new orders for Leo & Co. Success!

Portland Truffles and Botanica — PPP delivered chocolate samples and Botanica flyers and delivered an elevator speech to select hotel managers

Seven Planet — PPP partnered with Seven Planet to execute their Green Friday promotional event and geo-cache in Old Town/Chinatown

Chipotle — PPP and Chipotle partnered to announce Chipotle’s delivery service through PPP  with an introductory two-for-one burrito offer (note: orders are placed directly with Chipotle and not PPP’s online ordering system)

The Bike Show by Pedal Nations — PPP carried Pedal Nations Pedal Ads and delivered materials to promote the event.  Several people attending the show told the organizers they learned about it from PPP.  Love that.

Trailhead Coffee Roasters — PPP promoted TCR at the farmers market & Park in the Park event downtown

Cookie Pedalers — PPP provided targeted samples and flyer delivery to downtown retailers

Little Green Grocer — gourmet munchies were handed out to participants at Sunday Parkways in the Pearl

Forkfly —promotional partnership

Sponsor of Green Drinks

All Portland Pedal Power campaigns were supported by social media coverage via Twitter and Facebook.

2010 PPP Pedal Ads advertising campaigns

What are PPP Pedal Ads? These are highly visible, professionally produced advertisements that grace the sides of Portland Pedal Power’s unique deliver bike enclosures.  Pedal Ads are a healthy part of a complete marketing strategy — whether you are launching a new business, promoting an event or simply making sure the 80,000+ people downtown every weekday know about your business.

Leo & Co.
Elephants Deli
Green Living Guides
Redirect Guide
Sykes Fenders
Little Green Grocer
Rex Burkholder Campaign
Peemkaew Thai

Our first employees

Welcome Zach, Parker, Matt and Fitz! You guys make it happen. We look forward to growing our team in 2011 as we continue our growth.

A new owner-partner to head up marketing

Welcome Stacy!

If you are not a regular reader of the Portland Pedal Power blog, you may wish to peruse our previous posts. There you will find the stories and pictures of many of our new 2010 partners and campaigns mentioned above. Of course, we’ll be posting stories on the ones we’ve missed in the months ahead.

Following is a collection of pictures that correspond with many of the 2010 activities highlighted above.

The Bicycle Show

The Bicycle Show

Sykes Fenders

Sykes Fenders

Rex campaign

Rex campaign

Green Living Magazine

Green Living Magazine

Portland Truffles

Portland Truffles


Stacy the Marketeer

Redirect Guide



Trailhead in the Park

Trailhead in the Park


Sunday Parkways

    • Elephants
    • Names of new clients
      • Food vendors: Seres Restaurant, Pacific Pie, Sugar Mamas, Habibi, Paccini, Cloud Seven, Mizu, Bunk Sandwiches/Catering…and newest (as of 1/20) Mono Malo Tapas food cart
      • Corporate Clients: Elemental Technologies, Meyer Memorial Trust, Thetus Corporation
    • Promotional campaigns (w/ photos
      • Paccini
      • Leo
      • Portland Truffles
        • from twitter, 1/21 update (PPP closed RiverPlace hotel, check with SB to see whether we closed Paramount): sweet Friday! We’re working on VIP chocolates for the Paramount Hotel, turn down chocolates for RiverPlace Hotel,…
      • Seven Planet
      • Chipotle – only campaign was joint promotion of the ½ off order when delivered through PPP
      • Pedal Nations show
        • promo material distribution
      • Added photo of Sunday Parkways (all 3 bikes out)
      • Trailhead – farmers market & park in the park (take back the streets) event downtown
      • Cookie Pedalers – photos attached
      • LGG at Sunday Parkways
      • Forkfly partnership (runner up in the Scavenger Hunt at the forkfly launch party)
    • Pedal Ads w/ photos of Ads (do we have enough to impress?)
      • List of all 2010 Pedal Ads – add statement about how you can turn regular delivery into your promotional launch
      • Elephants
      • Green Living Guides – photo attached
      • Redirect guides (or was this pure delivery?) – photo attached
      • Sykes Fenders
      • Little Green Grocer
      • Rex Burkholder Campaign
      • Peemkaew Thai
    • TCR at Farmers Market (not very good pics)
    • Marketing program head
    • Zero to 4 employees
    • Shop outfitting
    • Bike equip:  interior upgrades