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Lyle of Hawthorne Burgerville

Lyle of Hawthorne Burgerville gives to Work for Art

Help get the word out!  Burgerville is donating 10% of their sales proceeds on Thursday, March 10th, to benefit Work for Art.  The non-profit provides financial support to 80 vital art and cultural organizations. Show your support by taking your friends, your family, or just yourself to Burgerville on that day. Thanks to Geoff Helzer, General Manager of the Hawthorne Burgerville (SE Hawthorne and 12th), PPP Pedal Ads will be running on one of our bikes through downtown this week to draw attention to the campaign. We are super excited to be working with Burgerville to support this cause.

I’ll be taking my family to dinner at the Hawthorne Burgerville on Thursday night.  I’ll be the smiling bald guy sporting a PPP t-shirt.  I hope to see some of you there!

Burgerville honors farmers and ranchers

Feed the Arts

Signs on bike. Ready to promote downtown!

Burgerville walks their talk. They support local farmers and food providers, they provide affordable health care to employees, they continuously look for ways to further the sustainability of their operations and they support the arts.  When I visited the Convention Center Burgerville and the Hawthorne Burgerville last weekend to talk to employees and manager Gary Campbell (Convention Center Burgerville), I learned that the employee support for Work for Art goes far beyond this week’s profit donation campaign.  Lyle, a cheerful employee at the Hawthorne restaurant said, “I have money taken out of my paycheck that goes to Work for Art”.  I asked another if he gave in this way and he replied matter-of-factly, “Yeah, most of us do.” Hats off to you guys. Food service is hard work and it doesn’t pay that much — and yet there is this great zest for being in service to others among the Burgerville team.

Happy Hawthorne Burgerville team

Happy Hawthorne Burgerville team

During my discussion with Geoff, I realized how important community, sustainability and employees are to Burgerville management. If you are curious, I encourage you to visit the website. I was impressed at the long list of local farmers and other vendors. The people who make up this local chain are working sincerely to make a difference for people and the community.

Gary Campbell at Colliseum Burgerville

Gary Campbell at Convention Center Burgerville

Enjoy some great food and support the arts.  Let’s make it a massive fund raising success on Thursday, March 10th. Just eat at Burgerville.  It’s that simple. I hope to see you at the SE Hawthorne Burgerville! Portobello Wedges anyone?

Hawthorne Burgerville

Hawthorne Burgerville, right on the bikeway

Burgerville recycling and compost

Burgerville is setting the new standard for the quick serve industry