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SW 4th and Pine

Portland Pedal Power’s newest partner is Quiznos on SW 4th and Pine. Quiznos is known for their subs, but their diverse menu also includes salads, soups, and sides.

Brian Gorton, owner of the SW 4th and Pine Quiznos, has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. He has owned this location for the past six years. Brian notes that customer service is a top priority for his location. His staff is trained to work with customers and do everything they can to make sure that each one is satisfied with the experience. “We work hard to earn the respect of those around us, and take pride in doing things the right way,” he says.

Brian speaks highly of his staff members who have all been working at the store for three years or more. “My staff is like a family,” he reports, “this shop is like a second home to us all.” Brian’s management philosophy is based on honesty and he sees that as paramount in all of the store’s operations.

Brian Gorton brings a personal touch to a national chain and treats staff like family

Quiznos, a national chain, is a familiar name for many Portland residents. Brian capitalizes on this visibility, but ensures that his shop is not a “typical” establishment. “We have a corporate name but a personal touch in all we do,” he explains. “Whether it is a small lunch or a huge gathering, the same care is taken to ensure that all orders are handled with the same attention to detail.”

Quiznos provides a wide variety of food options to appeal to different tastes and dietary philosophies. With PPP’s online ordering system, getting a meal from Quiznos will be fast and convenient. “The whole day might be stressful, but lunch never should be,” says Brian. “Let us take that burden off your shoulders.”

Quiznos’ food is now available for delivery from PPP for lunch, dinner, and catering. Order online at