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Cargo Bike Race

Do you see the flames?

PPP entered the first annual Cargo Bike Race during Cirque du Cycling last Sunday on N. Mississippi. Yours truly pedaled the beast and came in dead last!  🙂  It was a super fun event with some tough competitors. I pretty much ate dust! Next year I’ll likely ditch the trailer and Rubbermaid tubs as the choices of cargo in the race would have fit neatly in the enclosure, saving about 40 pounds or so.

See the many photos and event write up on  Jonathan caught some great shots of the Cargo Bike Race and all of the Cirque du Cycling events. These included a family ride, parade and several heats of the serious Cirque Criterion race.

The folks at Good Sport Promotion did a fantastic job with the Cirque du Cycling event. I was particularly amazed at how many staff members were there to provide assistance. The vibe was  friendly and well-organized.

A special thanks to the hundreds of spectators who cheered us on! Team PPP is looking forward to next year’s event!

All worn out

Exhaustion masked by exuberance

  • Denise

    Way COOL! Look forward to next year!