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Oh dear, that looks like a chilly ride

The neighbor kid is all grown up and back in Portland for the summer. Nina Parikh, my neighbor, graduated college with honors a few years ago, went on to teach grade school in Chicago as a “corp member” for Teach for America, then moved on to Boston to work as a biology lab researcher. Nina has returned to Portland for the summer and has graciously offered to be our guest blogger!

Check back often and look for posts from Nina about our partners and their working relationships with Portland Pedal Power. These are the wonderful restaurant and food cart people who create the world’s best food delivered by bicycle. Who knows, we might even see some surprise topics. We’ll leave that to Nina and her pen.  🙂

Please read on…

The best metaphor I can muster about Nina’s service with Teach for America is that it’s as if she enlisted in the military to serve her country, except in her case, Nina was trained as an educational Green Beret who was then deployed into a rough urban school district.  Her mission: increase the academic achievement of at-risk kids.  Mission accomplished. Wow. Thank you for your honorable service Nina.

It’s worthy of mention here that PPP co-owners and superstars Jennifer Dederich and Courtney Martin served in the Peace Corp in the Dominican Republic and are active Corp alumni.

Welcome Nina! I am honored that you have taken an interest in our company.  Thank you for your gracious offer of help.

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  • Nina Parikh

    Thanks Cristye! You’re so sweet.

  • Cristye Brown

    Thats our Nina (my cousin in law) she is the best hope our daugther grows up to be just like her big cousin!!!! So proud of you Nina!!!!! Can’t wait to read your posts!!

  • Nina Parikh

    Thanks Courtney and Ken!

  • Ken Wetherell

    I should mention that my first idea for the caption under Nina’s picture was, “Nina herding dear by bicycle.” 😉

  • Courtney

    Welcome Nina! Glad to have you on board for the summer….and yes, that ride looks chilly 🙂