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Recycling. Sustainability. The environment. For some, these topics are engrained at birth.  I still remember how dramatic my move from Eugene to Chicago was, and not just because of the weather or job, but because my roommate (a fellow Oregonian) and I were stressed about where/how/what to recycle in our new city. Blue bags filled with recycled goods that you threw out with the garbage? Seemed sketchy. So, on a lazy Sunday we’d pack up his Honda and drive to the nearest recycling facility to sort through the plastic, glass and cardboard…the good ‘ole Oregonian way.

Soi 9's enterance, which usually includes a friendly server 🙂

For Mon, owner of the family run and operated, Soi 9 Thai Eatery, recycling, sustainability and the environment is something that she embraces and stresses with her employees.  During our conversation she even got up to turn off a string of lights at the bar that were not in use (that’s right, there is a bar in this restaurant!). Even though Soi 9 has only been open for 7 months, Mon is already searching for ways to improve her services.  She offers gluten-free and vegan options and is striving to become a restaurant that is “100% green.”

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Originally from Phuket, Mon grew up in the restaurant industry. Both her parents and grandparents own restaurants and Mon admits that she could not see herself doing anything else. Because she grew up working in the kitchen and with customers, Mon had a lot of time to formulate what she wanted her own restaurant to look like. She explains that the menu is “100% Thai with a small Chinese influence” that she attributes to her Dad.  Food quality and customer service are also of the utmost importance at Soi 9 because they are on the search for loyal customers.

Chic Thai dining.

The biggest challenge facing Soi 9 as a burgeoning business is just getting noticed.  This is where Portland Pedal Power comes in.  She explains that joining PPP takes her one step closer to being green, allows customers more delivery options and helps distinguish her restaurant from the tons of other Portland Thai restaurants.  Her favorite item on the menu? Boat Noodle Soup, which is a traditional street noodle with beef broth and hint of cinnamon. Yum! Try it next time you find yourself near the Jeld-Wen Field (Soi 9 is located at 19th and Burnside) or if you are feeling lazy, have it delivered by bicycle.

Mon is excited about her new restaurant and motivated by the challenges it presents her. We are excited to see where our PPP partnership takes us as her business grows!

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