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Theo's is hard to miss

Theo’s (located between Davis and Couch on 5th Ave in NW Portland) has something for everyone. Early bird? There’s a breakfast sandwich or

Jeff, the owner, would eventually like to offer their own bike delivery service.

Jeff, the owner, would eventually like to offer their own bike delivery service

wafflewich (with nutella and raspberry jam) with your name on it.  Stuck in a gray fluorescent lit office all day? Make your cubicle buddies jealous by ordering a turkey avocado, Italian or vegetarian box lunch that comes with a Gourmet Cookie, Tim’s Chips and a soda/water. Find yourself strolling (or stumbling) the streets of NW Portland late at night? Theo’s is open until 4 AM on Friday and Saturday!

With gluten-free, vegetarian and Philly options there is bound to be something to please each family member here. As a vegetarian, I always love and appreciate seeing a veggie section listed on a menu stocked with Philly steak options. It means I can frequent this destination with my Texas born, steak lovin’, gluten-free relatives.  Dinners at my house are interesting, to say the least. Jeff, the owner of Theo’s, graciously took the time to meet with me and discuss the restaurant, Portland Pedal Power and his plans for the future.

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Theo's has something for everyone!

Although Theo’s has only been with PPP since May, Jeff has noticed his employee’s excitement about the partnership (the feeling is mutual 🙂 ). Jeff has always been in the restaurant business but this is his first time as an owner. However, he still takes the time to talk to customers (offering a family directions during our interview), and wakes up every morning to shop for local ingredients. He wanted to partner with PPP because it is a local business that “selectively chooses vendors and is passionate about their product and delivering on time.”

Joining PPP has allowed Theo’s to get their product in more businesses and

Take the Max to Theo's.

better utilize their space in the kitchen since the delivery process is streamlined. Along with recycling everything they can (including fry oil), Theo’s is looking to offer their own bike delivery service in an attempt to go green in the future. But until then, PPP will enjoy seeing our relationship with Theo’s grow.