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The Wellspring School for the Healing Arts

Fall classes are beginning soon

[UPDATE: Portland Pedal Power delivered by bicycle 1,500 fliers and 75 posters to 125 locations in NE, SE, Downtown, Pearl and NW]

Whether it’s a class related to wholistic nutrition, Qigong, Chinese Herbs or booking a one-hour bodywork session at the Amma Therapy Clinic, The Wellspring School has something for everyone this fall and beyond.

The Wellspring School is partnering with PPP to promote their rich wellness and healing course offering to the community. We encourage you to visit the Wellspring website and explore their diverse coursework. Even if you are just looking for a class to help you embark on healthier eating habits, the staff have structured an educational lineup that is an accessible resource for the whole community, not just healers and practitioners. And…there’s a nice tuition savings offer mentioned later in this post.

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Wellspring Portland campus

Ahhh...I feel more balanced already

The Fundamentals of Healthy Living Fall/Winter class series at The Wellspring School offers a unique opportunity to take à la carte classes that are part of their nationally recognized Wholistic Nutrition Program. Learn about healthy eating through the various life cycles, how digestion really works, study the evolution of the modern diet or the foundation of Chinese Medicine. Take one class. Take them all! These are open to existing healthcare practitioners seeking CEU opportunities or the layperson looking for self-enrichment. Or maybe you’ll be inspired to become a Certified (W)holistic Nutritionist.

Register and pay in advance for any three Fundamentals of Healthy Living classes and get
$100 off the three-class total!

Also upcoming are classes in
Qigong, Chinese Herbs and more. Or, if you just feel the need for a great one-hour Asian bodywork session at a price you can afford, book a session at their Amma Therapy Clinic. It’s been running since June and will continue almost weekly through February 3, 2012.

Check the website for class dates, times, specials and more details on all offerings at The Wellspring School. The campus is centrally located in SE Portland at 214 SE 18th Street (Suite 201) at the corner of SE Ash Street. The number for the Portland school office is 503-688-1482 and email [email protected].

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The Wellspring School has been offering education in Amma Bodywork Therapy, Wholistic Healthcare, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wholistic Nutrition and Movement Arts since 1995. While the weather is still nice, get on your bike and go visit these great folks and discover what they are all about!

Wellspring Staff

Happiness and health at a recent nutrition workshop