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PPP Pedal Ads video on YouTubeThis short video shows the versatility and impact of outdoor advertising on Portland Pedal Power’s bikes.  With 80,000+ workers in Downtown Portland, these signs make a great impression on workers, shoppers and others out and about.

And yes, that’s PPP Rider-Operator, Fitz,  in action.  Go Fitz!

My favorite part is the time-lapse sequence that shows multiple signs from our Pedal Ads library flashed up on the PPP Enclosure super fast.  Love that!

A special thanks to Jon Garcia for the great job on the video.  He also produced the video about our use of the Xtracycle HD in our delivery fleet.  Jon does great work!

For more videos, visit Portland Pedal Power’s Youtube channel.  See our services page more info about mobile marketing with PPP Pedal Ads.