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This blog post needs to start with a disclaimer. Despite the fact that they are from the Twin Cities and that Minneapolis somehow managed to beat out Portland as the US’ most bicycle friendly city last year, PPP absolutely loves O2 Raingear! You all know how important high performance, breathable, waterproof rain gear is here in Portland, and our riders are the experts on this. They are out in the drizzle, the downpour, the gusty blasts, and all of the other ways mother nature keeps Portland so incredibly green year round delivering food, groceries, publications, and other goodies. So when the PPP Riders say that O2 Raingear rocks, we hope you believe them.

O2 Raingear is owned by Adam Ziskin. Adam didn’t start out with the goal of becoming a cycling rain apparel icon; he planned to get into the music industry after college. As it often does, fate stepped in and Adam was approached by some people who were looking for a business partner to start an apparel company for a high-performance, breathable, waterproof membrane. After testing the products in other industries, they tested a cycling line. As an avid cyclist himself, Adam easily saw the fit in this product line and it soon became the focus for the brand.

One thing that sets O2’s raingear apart from other products is its affordability. Looking at the prices of O2’s products, it is hard to believe that it is truly breathable, lightweight, and waterproof. Part of this Adam attributes to the technology behind the products and part to the fat that he runs a very lean enterprise to keep costs down as much as possible.

In addition to the low price point and quality products, O2 is proud of being a small, locally based business. They sponsor college and racing teams in the Minneapolis area and are proud, connected supporters of the local biking scene. Way to go O2!

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