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Hi!  My name is Anthony Casanova.  You may know me from such blogs as “Pizza Oasis Coming to your Door,” and “PPP brings you Kale Comfort.”  I’m here to talk to you today about, well… ME!  So here goes!


Anthony Casanova

Position with PPP:

Interning blogger social media person

Who you are 10 words or less?

Goofy, nerdy, crazy, nice guy, adventurous, undefinable.

Why are you a part of PPP?

I have a love for bicycling, local business and the Portland culture behind it all.  I love the ideas and values PPP upholds in regards to sustainability and supporting the local economy!

What was your first bike?

I will assume this is not the one with training wheels or the big wheel.  That being the case, it was my Huffy dirt bike!  I jumped off everything with that thing!  There was no curb too high!

Who is your favorite superhero?

Wolverine.  I don’t mean like the Hugh Jackman Wolverine, I mean the really twisted conflicted Wolverine before he had the adamantium torn out of his skeletal structure by Magneto.  He’s raw, he’s passionate, he’s destroyed but he keeps fighting forward.  He’s not unstoppable because of his regenerative properties, he’s unstoppable because he just won’t give up until you kill him.

Where do you see PPP in five years?

I see PPP catching on and gaining huge success in every major bicycle city in America, creating sustainable business and an overall healthier US of A.  I also see the business model being adopted around the world and the need to change the name to Planetary Pedal Power (from Portland).  Portland Pedal Power, bringing bicycle based food delivery and marketing to a city near you!

What is your background?

I just recently returned from Japan where I established myself as the Godzilla of Nagoya and fought off one giant creature after another.  When I wasn’t Godzilla-ing I was teaching English and spreading globalization one unwilling Japanese student at a time.  Aside from that I gradiated college at Portland State University and have been exploring the adult world since.  My overall analysis thus far, you adults are weird man!

What is the coolest thing you have ever done?

Climbed the Great Wall of China with a broken leg on one crutch in the dead of winter.