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As true believers in the practice of sustainable business and lovers of truly quality food, we at Portland Pedal Power are honored to be teamed up with Portland’s premier sustainable catering company.  Inspired and represented by the Greek goddess herself, Artemis Foods offers some of the most delicious, organic, and natural food this city has to offer and they have chosen PPP as their food delivery vessel.  Working with local farmers and shopping the farmer’s markets, Artemis has the freshest, hormone-free, organically grown ingredients delivered right to their back door and a team of chefs sent by the gods themselves to prepare meals worthy of the dining table of Olympus.

A word from Artemis:

So, did I ever imagine the Greek goddess, Artemis riding around Portland on a bicycle?  No, but growing up in San Francisco, many of my friends either went to college after high school or got jobs downtown as bike messengers and while I never worked as a messenger I definitely knew who the cool kids were. And I am proud to live in a city now where I am told, only in Portland will you hear of the Mayor getting rear ended by a cyclist while driving in his Prius! And, I can commute in to work via a 10 mile path connected by bridges, State Park, highways and a river trail that follows a major NW river full of salmon and skirts a beautiful wild life preserve.

Okay, enough about bike culture! I started my catering business, Artemis Foods 11 years ago after 15 years as a restaurant chef. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and goddess of the moon, using natural foods for healing! She was the perfect icon to represent my own values about food and the environment. EVERYTHING (it is not just an add on or an afterthought) we do is with consideration of “how sustainable is it”?: a chef by calling and by background, the other question I and my chef James also always ask is “how delicious can we make it”. The results are amazing, delicious, nourishing, tantalizing food that happens to be good for you and good for the environment. PPP is the perfect partner for Artemis. I have looked for years at ways to get lunch delivered to downtown and inner SE Artemis Foods fans and bike delivery is it. Smaller orders can now be processed through PPP and soon on our own online ordering system. Now in addition to our larger corporate, wedding and special event catering, you can enjoy the same passion and dedication to good food that we have shared with hundreds of thousands of other Portlanders over the years. For any day and every day, let us always eat good food!

Artemis Foods Catering is Portland’s premier local, organic and sustainable catering company.  We offer chef driven seasonal menus and detailed event planning for all of your corporate and special event needs. Farm direct ingredients, artisan quality food, simply prepared and beautifully presented with a focus on sustainable business practices.