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So you’ve had one of those loooong days.  You’re getting off work, and all you want to do is go home, eat dinner, and crash on the couch.  Then you realize you’ve been so busy the last few days, you haven’t bought groceries.  You’ve eaten out so often, not only do you not want to spend more money on take-out, but it’s beginning to taste like cardboard.  The last thing you want to do is stop anywhere on the way home to grab an array of miscellaneous items that you will have to, at some point, try and arrange in a fashion resembling a hearty meal.  Then you remember, you signed up for Dinner At Your Door!  Which means the food delivery riders from Portland Pedal Power have already brought your food to you and it’s just waiting for you to come heat it up.  You’re overcome with joy as you leap in the air in celebration because you were smart, and you planned ahead.  You may now return straight to your domicile and enjoy that home cooked meal that you were craving, and just crash out, hassle free!  You’ve just had your first among many Dinner At Your Door experiences.

Who doesn’t love a home cooked meal… especially when you don’t have to cook it!  Imagine coming home from work once a week to a ready made, fresh meal at your doorstep. That is exactly what you get when you order from Dinner At Your Door.  Started in 2010 by Portland native Margot Feves.  The service is a subscription style service, with a minimum sign up of 2 weeks at a time, one meal per week. Your delivery includes a fresh, never frozen entree, salad, side and cookies provided by Le Cookie Monkey.

The best part is it arrives in glassware so it looks as if you spent the afternoon creating a delicious meal. The second best part is you don’t have to be home when it arrives since it comes with ice packs and simple re-heating instructions. The third best part is you don’t have to do the dishes!  Simply rinse and place them back in the bag for the following week pick up and delivery.

If you are bored with your neighborhood take out, the taste of frozen burritos makes you gag and you are devastated spending your whole paycheck at Whole Foods salad bar check out Dinner At Your Door and you will be hooked.  For details on how to sign up and to see current menus check out

I had a chance to catch up with Margot and talk to her a little bit more on home cooked goodness!

PPP: Hiya Margot, what’s cookin’?

Margot: Well we’ll be back in the kitchen on Monday and this week we’re featuring a new entrée to our line up.  We’re doing a mushroom sauce over chicken and roasted potatoes.  That’s served with a side dish of roasted brussel sprouts with almonds and served with a salad as well, so it’s a full balanced meal.

PPP: That sounds awesome!  Do you make a new dish each week?

Margot: Each week we feature a different entrée.  Next week happens to be a new dish that we’ve never featured before.  Sometimes we’ll rotate through our dishes, for instance last week we featured our signature Turkey Bolognese Lasagna.  It’s one dinner per week and we bring a diverse menu that rotates.

PPP: What’s your favorite dish?

Margot: Probably the layered Mexican Casserole.  It’s a mixture of beans and Mexican spices with a nice kick to it!

PPP: How long you been cookin?

Margot: We’ve been in business for a little over 2 years now.  We have an all online order process that was basically created after much feedback from a groupon we did a year and a half ago.  Thanks to the volume produced by that we were able to make the ordering process so much more simple and the whole service more user friendly at this point.

PPP: What are your ingredients like?

Margot: So we use all fresh ingredients.  We work with as many local purveyors as possible but our main thing is that we’re creating homemade style healthy meals.  It’s not frozen, it’s not a lean cuisine, it’s not a digiorno pizza.  It’s a homemade style meal and re-usable glass wear so it has the feel and the look as though you had the time in your busy day to do grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and all of that.  We do that for you.

PPP: So I’ve read the inspiration for starting dinner at your door.  Your niece and your family were a big influence.  What was it that really made you notice that there was this need for this service for the busy person?

Margot: Well I think anytime you’re living with a very busy family where both parents work a full week with a small child running around, you’re going to be exposed to different needs.  I lived as a single young professional in Chicago for many years and ate out all the time.  I don’t think I ever would have even known to call a service like this.  With that type of lifestyle behind me and the complete opposite with my sister and family and their busy family life I just realized that a service like this could really be utilized by all demographics.

PPP: And how old is your niece now?

Margot: She’s going to be 3 next month!

PPP: So obviously family is very important to you!

Margot: Absolutely!  Family is very important!

PPP: What’s your favorite comment someone has said about Dinner at Your Door?

Margot: That they love the convenience and the presentation.  They love being able to just come home and throw the meal in the oven, throw some dressing on the salad and put it on the table, maybe pour a glass of wine and you’re good to go.  No hassle, all convenient.

PPP: What does sustainability mean to you and how do you incorporate that into your company?

Margot: I think being able to utilize all pieces that are going into your product, whether it’s reusing bags or making sure there’s no food waste.  Bringing an extra meal to a family or cooking with repeat ingredients.  Really just utilizing what you have your fingertips, I really just hate food waste and any time we have to put anything in garbage.  We’re really big into composting and recycling in the kitchen which I feel is really important for our kid’s kids and my niece and her kids eventually.

PPP: Well Margot, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me more about Dinner At Your Door!  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Margot: I think we hit it for the most part.  I just feel it’s important for people to realize that it’s okay for you to delegate tasks like and rely on services like Dinner At Your Door!

Get delicious hearty home cooked goodness delivered to your door today!

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