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So, many of you bicycle enthusiasts know of O2 Rainwear.  Some of you may have the pleasure of owning a couple pieces; others of you may have looked on in jealousy as you watched somebody pass you in the rain looking completely dry and pleasant.  For a lot of you who follow our Portland Pedal Power blog, you likely read our piece on O2 from last year ranting and raving about how much we love O2.  Well we so happen to love them so much, we’re back again to not only tell you how much our riders love it, but to let them tell you themselves.

For this year’s “Worst Day of the Year” ride, and every other day of the year, our riders depend on their rainwear to keep them warm and dry while running food delivery!  O2 offers trim fit, impermeable gear equipped with their 3flow technology.  Thanks to millions of microscopic pores, 3flow Performance fabrics seal out water, snow, and wind while letting your skin breathe so that you’re not drenched in sweat.  Just think, a rain jacket that doesn’t stick to your skin when it rains!  It’s thin, lightweight, super packable design makes it a perfect jacket for any rider on “one of those days.”

You’ve heard enough from me though.  I had a chance to catch up with Ken, Colin, and Jason regarding their gear.  Let’s see what they have to say.

What O2 gear are you wearing?

Colin: I wear the O2 Calhoun jacket right now.

Ken:  The O2 Calhoun, a cheap fleece, and two layers of poly blend tees — one short, one long.  I wear nothing below the waist.

Jason: The Calhoun.

How long have you relied on it in the line of duty?

Colin: We’ve been wearing it for the last couple months now.

Jason:  Probably about 2.5 Months

How long have you been a rider?

Colin: I’ve been a rider since back in August so about 6 months now, but I’ve been commuting by bicycle since I moved here 8 months ago.

Ken: 3,048 hours — plus or minus –since I was seven.

How is the field performance (i.e. Worst Day of the Year Ride)?

Ken: The jacket was super comfy on the ride and it was very cool that Colin and I matched nicely through the event.  The jackets really gets us noticed in a good way! This is what we were looking for to outfit our rider-operator team members.

Jason:  Unfortunately I wasn’t at the Worst day of the year ride, but I have ridden in the rain multiple times and this gear worked great and kept me dry.

Colin: I think they work great, it’s keeps me dry without making me all sweaty.

What do you love about O2 rainwear?

Ken: Very comfi with plenty of room, yet It looks like it’s tailored for svelteness…and I’m not svelte. The pit zips provide ample airflow for cooling on my long commute.

Jason: I like how lightweight it is, it’s pretty comfortable and surprisingly warm for how thin it is. For my particular job, the pocket is in the perfect spot to get to my cell phone quickly.

Colin:  I also really like the long tail of the jacket.  It helps keep you dry if you don’t have a fender or rain guard on your bike.

Keep any eye out around town for our stylish PPP riders as they rock their fully protective O2 gear, braving the elements for the sake of your stomach!