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Portland bicyclists, some of the few cyclists in the nation so dedicated to our craft that we design our own bicycles.  Some for functional uses and others for far more interesting reasons.  One thing is certain, we love bicycles, and as some of the most bicycle friendly, frenzied enthusiasts in the nation, Portlanders will be more than overjoyed to know that one of Portland greatest bicycle events of the year is only a couple days away at the Portland Expo Center!  Portland Pedal Power is proud to be a sponsor of Pedal Nation, Portland’s raddest bicycle show.  This isn’t your average run of the mill bicycle expo.  I mean, of course you will find a plethora of exhibitors and vendors such as BikeasaurusPDX, BikeCraftPDX, Bianchi, Rack Attack, and Nutcase (just to name a few) offering great deals on bicycle gear, apparel, accessories, and equipment.  At Pedal Nation you will also find an outdoor and indoor “Try the Ride” bike demo area on the map, some of the best Pro Free Riders tricking it out in the “Timberline Freeride Area,” and be able to view some of the latest in upcoming bicycle trends at the “One Fine Day” fashion show.  That’s just first gear!

“…you will find a plethora of exhibitors and vendors such as BikeasaurusPDX, BikeCraftPDX, Bianchi, Rack Attack, and Nutcase…”

As a hub for bicycle customization and modification, Pedal Nation has created the “Oregon Handmade Bicycle” area where you will be able to see just how creative Portland can be with our passion for pedaling.  Or if you’re a fan of pimped out rides, then you can check out the “Pimp’d Bike Showcase.”  If you’re a proud parent of a cyclist in training and attempting to convert the next generation to the ways of the gear, Nutcase is sponsoring the “Little Nutty Rider Zone” where your kids can ride around safely and freely and learn a little more on bicycle safety.  Not to mention they can burn off some serious energy by the time you’re ready to go home.

And of course, what Portland event would be complete without the beer?!  Hopworks being the major supporters of the bicycle community they are, are bringing you the “Beer Bike Bar,” where you can quench that satiable thirst you worked up from having your first burst of A.D.D. since you were in high school.

Pedal Nation is a great way to kick off your… “spring?” and summer season!  So come say hello to us at the Portland Pedal Power booth this weekend!  We’ll be waiting for you!

Pedal Nation

The Portland Expo Center ($10)

March 24th 10a.m. to 6p.m.

And the 25th 10a.m. to 5p.m.