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So you don’t need a blog post to understand how amazing a smoothie is, but I’m going to tell you anyway!  The smoothie, that sweet wonderful nectar of blended fruity wholesome goodness that is not only enjoyed in the spring and summer, but all year around!  Granted it is a cross seasonal delight, smoothies are always best enjoyed in a tropical setting which, as we all know, is certainly NOT Portland.  Yet there is one place that provides such a feel for optimal smoothie experience.  Tropical Smoothie off West Burnside not only offers you fresh fruit smoothies and a tropical style environment to enjoy them in, but wholesome food made from fresh high quality ingredients as well.  Don’t feel like going out in the miserable snow/ sleet/ rain/ ice/ overcast/ mist to get your smoothie on?  Let Portland Pedal Power, masters of smoothie and food delivery, bring the tropical to you and brighten up your Portlandesque day!

For all you soccer maniacs, look for Portland Pedal Power representing Tropical Smoothie at the Timbers’ games!  You’ll see us standing by our impossible to miss bikes, handing out samples of smoothie delight.  We will be there all season, pre-game with smoothie samples and great coupons/deals. Just stop by the PPP bike with Tropical Smoothie Pedal Ads to taste a treat and win.

Tropical Smoothie Café’s menu boasts bold, flavorful food and smoothies with a healthy appeal. Our food and smoothies are made to order with fresh ingredients. Our smoothies are made from superior simple ingredients including real fruit and natural sugar. Our toasted wraps, bistro sandwiches, grilled flatbreads, and gourmet salads are made fresh with high quality meats and cheeses; and topped with fresh produce and flavorful sauces. Combine that with a fun atmosphere and friendly hospitality and you see why people return again and again for the Tropical Smoothie Café Experience.

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