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So you’re a healthy person!  You check up with the Portland Pedal Power blog on a regular basis to see what great new sustainable and organic foods we’re delivering.  You exercise and bicycle and do other fitnessy type stuff.  You drink water and tea with lots of antioxidants to stay hydrated, sharp, and have healthy cells with reduced free radicals.  You have studied various dietary plans to see which one may best fit your personality and lifestyle.  Yet despite all your efforts, you still feel there’s something missing.  You feel there is so much more you can do and learn and your body, your life, and your soul are all still just a little out of balance.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re looking to get healthy and learn more about nutrition.  You’re new to this whole “healthy lifestyle” thing that all your friends have been ranting and raving about.  Maybe you’re stressed out in life and want to find out more about how mediation can save you from stress related disease.  Perhaps you’ve been to China before and have seen elderly people practicing Tai Chi on the Great Wall, or in a park, and have wanted to try it out, and learn about other forms of moving meditation.

Whatever the reason, you, my health nut and health challenged friends, are ready to take the next step toward true spiritual and physical health, and Portland Pedal Power has just the place for you to accomplish this.

…take the next step toward true spiritual and physical health…

The Wellspring School in Portland is a center that teaches you the art of holistic health with focus on nutrition, dietary vitamin and supplement training, various forms of meditation, and amma (massage) therapy.  This is one school that, even though they were born in Boise, their home and heart is in Portland.

In late 2011, The Wellspring School launched a series of community classes geared towards providing opportunities for individuals to experience a little bit of self-care. From meditation, to Tai Chi, to shamanism, people can sample different classes at low prices. Heading into Spring 2012, The Wellspring School continues to offer weekly community classes dedicated to wellness for the whole person.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops (Whole Foods Cooking, Caring for Cancer Holistically & Intro to Wholistic Nutrition) this summer. Don’t forget about our certification programs Amma Therapy (Asian Bodywork) and Wholistic Nutrition too. The next ones should be starting up in Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 respectively. Make sure you check out our website from time to time to see what’s coming up.

The Wellspring School also recently announced the upcoming (June) closure of its Boise, Idaho location. We will focus all of our energy moving forward on building our school presence in Portland. We love Portland!

We are very excited about dedicating ourselves to growing our business in Portland! Special thanks to Portland Pedal Power for helping us get the word out and making this a possibility for us. We always ask our students where they hear about us and consistently the response has been, “I saw this flyer….”

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