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“What’s for lunch this week?” is likely the question rolling around in your head at this point as you frantically scour the PPP blog for fantastic, wholesome food with a truly sustainable and natural feel from a locally owned restaurant or food cart.  Well scroll no further my modern day virtual urban hunters-gatherers. Portland Pedal Power brings you authentic delights from a far away land, and a chef trained in the arts of cooking a favorite of every self-proclaimed urbanite foodie, Mediterranean!

“…it has the most tender, moist meats with some of the freshest Tzatziki sauce that just melts in your mouth, brings a tear to your eye, and weakens your knees.”

When you order from Aybla Mediterranean Grill, you’re ordering authentic fresh made Gyros, Dolmades, Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, and more.  All made from fresh ingredients bought locally from organic growers.  In our own personal experience with ordering food delivery from Aybla, not only is it some of the best Mediterranean cuisine we’ve had the pleasure of sinking our foodie teeth into, but it has the most tender, moist meats with the freshest Tzatziki sauce that just melts in your mouth, brings a tear to your eye, and weakens your knees.  So if you’re, for some reason, still considering what to get for lunch, order food delivery from Aybla Mediterranean Grill.  You may end up ordering them all week.

Aybla is an archaeological site near Saied’s family mohe in Syria. It was uncovered in 1955 to reveal a very old civilization which flourished in the 3rd & 2nd millenniums BC. It is used here to remind us of life’s hidden & surprise treasures.

A word from Aybla Mediterranean Grill themselves:

Welcome to Aybla Mediterranean Grill!  We are very proud to fill every item we serve with love, creativity, flavor & warm hospitality.  Much of our produce is organic from our local Farmer’s Market. We use fresh feta, olives and bread that are authentically Mediterranean.  Please feel free to ask the Chef, Saied, for any special requests. We are here to serve you from our three Portland locations and want to be sure you feel as welcome as you would in your own home.

Saied is trained as a Mediterranean grill chef. He was born in Syria and trained on the Greek island of Crete for ten years before coming here to offer Portland his authentic Mediterranean cooking.