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So last week we had the privilege of telling you all about a kick in the pants from the fete of awesome, the Filmed by Bike Festival 2012. For those of you who did not have the opportunity to read about this event from us, or are even unaware of the event entirely, “the 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike is a festival of bike-themed movies from around the world that happens only in April, and only here in Portland.”  The festival was a whopping 5 days long and took place at the Clinton Street Theater on the corner of SE 26th and Clinton.  The short films that you either got to see or missed were documentaries, music videos, speed demons, creative arts, and more all centered around your favorite gear powered modes of transportation.

This year, Portland Pedal Power kicked the festival off with Gary Fisher in the “Go With Gary” portion of the event, where cyclists began at the Bike Gallery on SW 10th Ave. and took a nice ride through downtown Portland to the kick off event, The New Belgium Street Party.  Now at this point if you happened to miss this awesome event, which was indeed “AWESOME”, then it’s okay.  Portland Pedal Power has your back.  We documented a bit of the ride in an attempt to bring you, our loyal fans, along with us and Gary Fisher, and to inspire you to not miss this event next year!  Check out the ride below.

For more information on bicycle events and great vendors for food delivery, stay tuned to our Portland Pedal Power blog as we take you on a voyage through the world of Portland foods and bikes!

The beginning: Mellow Mushroom Pizza at the Bicycle Gallery on SW 10th ave.

Gary Fisher is a PPP Fan! (pictured with our rider Colin!)

In the beginning as Gary led the charge.

Did we mention that when we said Go with Gary, it literally meant all the way?

Nothing like a nice ride along the waterfront!

On approach to the Hawthorne Bridge

Colin, with more cheese than the Pizza he ate before the ride.

Colin, all that cheese from the pizza is now on his face.

Who needs an oil change when you have bicycles?

The pizza was so good, the riders just had to take it with them!

Flying the Filmed by Bike flag proudly!

Letting the neighbors know there’s a celebration going on!

Back of the pack

Arrived, parked, and thirsty!

aint nothin’ but a Belgium party

PPP, The Clinton Theater, and Filmed by Bike = Polyamory

Colin is so excited for a night at the movies!!!

  • Ken Wetherell

    Sweet! Does Gary know that PPP Enclosure #1 is mounted to an Xtracycle on the back of a ’90s vintage Gray Fisher mountain bike? That bike had been all over the world before PPP acquired it. Colin, it’s awesome that you rode with Gary! So cool.