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What about that Portland weather?!  Lately our fair city has been giving us a teaser of what’s to come over the summer and boy did it look, feel, and taste good!  If there’s anything that we Portlandians, appreciate, it’s the sun.  Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, if there is sun we have on a tank top, shorts and sunglasses.  Fortunately, these last couple of days were in the 80’s, and even though the weather decided not to stay the week, we’re pretty sure it’ll be back to visit soon.  So in celebration of our string of sunny days (yes, 2 days of sun in Portland terms can count as a string) Portland Pedal Power would like to share with you 5 of our top Portland rides / destinations to help you kick off the next string of sunny days.

Mississippi Ave.

One of Portland’s fastest growing and most diverse neighborhoods, Mississippi has become a popular location for artists, foodies, beer gurus and the hip of youth of Portland as a whole!  Every stop along Mississippi Ave is bike friendly and equipped well equipped with bike parking and outdoor seating.  You can stop by Prost and enjoy a German beer on their back patio which, I might ad, is food cart food friendly.  Maybe ride down the street and grab some ice cream at Ruby Jewel.  Maybe you’ll be there on a Mississippi event day like the Cirque du Cycling.  There is always something going on up on Mississippi Ave.  All you have to do is show up!

Hawthorne/ Tabor

Everybody is familiar with Hawthorne as one of the most popular hangout areas in Portland.  Hawthorne is home to the Bagdad Theater, some of Portland’s best thrift shops, coffee shops and tasty beer spots galore.  Not to mention it’s an earshot away from Mt. Tabor, one of Portland’s most popular city parks.  Enjoy a nice ride to the top to appreciate the flawless view of the city, and then a cruise down the mountain, back down Belmont and over to Hawthorne for a nice brew and a movie.  Sounds like a perfect summer day to us!

Rose Garden

If you’re feeling slightly romantic, possibly a little flirty, or if you just truly appreciate roses and their thorns, take a beautiful scenic ride over the hills and through the woods and see why thy call us “the City of Roses.”  Portland’s Rose Garden is the oldest public garden in the United States and a serene sight to behold after a beautiful back roads ride through the west hills!  Open 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily!

Springwater Cooridor

For the more proficient rider, or the wild hair rider, the Springwater Cooridor is a beautiful segment of a 40-mile loop beginning at Southeast 4th and Ivon in Portland and ending out in Boring Oregon.  This is certainly not an hour or two ride for those who just want to get out in the sun for a bit.  This is a nice day trip that requires some water and sunscreen… lots of sunscreen.  For a detailed description of the ride, maps, etc. check out their website.  That’s right, this ride is so popular and prominent, it has its own website, not to mention Facebook!

Last Thursday on Alberta

What summer event can be thought greater than that of last Thursday on Alberta.  A place where street art reigns king, beer flows freely throughout the day and night, music surrounds you at all times, and bicycles are abundant.  Last Thursday on Alberta in a sense is like having a monthly Burning Man Festival in our own backyard in Portland (except bring cash because there’s no bartering system here).  Going on it’s 13th year, Last Thursdays on Alberta is a community grown monthly event where vendors, artists, musicians, and performers gather and have a festival in the streets!  For more information check out the Friends of Last Thursday (FOTL).

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  • stacy

    We certainly aim to Famo. It will be a nice mix, but I think you’ll like what we’ll be doing coming up.

  • stacy

    It truly is beautiful! You should make it out for a ride sometime!

  • Annete C.

    Beautiful scenery .. being from the south west, all that greenery looks like a paradise!