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So unfortunately our Portland Pedal Power Crew was not able to take part in the “Reach the Beach” ride this year.  We were bummed, but not broken!  We decided that if we couldn’t do the “Reach the Beach” trip, we’d do our own PPP retreat to the beautiful Oregon coastal town of Netarts!  Now if you have never been to Netarts, it is a great place for crabbing, oysters, good beach, R&R and bonfires!  It is not an attraction like Seaside or Cannon Beach, which for some may prove to be a very large PLUS!

So we wanted to share our trip with you, and some of the fun pictures from the PPP team as we took the chance to kick back, relax, and gather our thoughts for the next few months of food deliveries and marketing!  Enjoy!  (for the photo titles and story line you may either expand the slideshow to full size or click on the slide show and follow the rabbit hole back to our Flickr account.)

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  • Ken Wetherell

    Nice pics! 🙂

    Great trip, team.

  • Courtney

    Seriously fell in love with that pooch!! Oslo is awesome. Thanks to Colin for the rockin’ bon fire.