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Hello all our Portland Pedal Power friends and fans out there!  As you well know, we love and appreciate each and every one of you!  We love seeing when you post on our Facebook, call us on the phone to order something, give us a high five when we deliver food to your door, send us postcards from your most recent vacations, etc.  We notice these things and it makes us feel loved and drives us to work harder to benefit you; the Portlander, the business person, the software developer, the hipster, the marketing genius, the  mother, and everybody we deliver to.  Which is why now we want to hear from you!

Give it to us Portland, we want your testimonials, your ideas, your photos, you!  We want to know how we can better serve you through our blog. What do you want to read more of?  What do you want to see less of?  Do you enjoy writing and have something you want to share with the world?  Send us your blog and be a featured “Guest Writer“. We would love to host your awesome ideas!

Have you had a great experience using Portland Pedal Power’s food delivery services or product delivery services?  We want you tell us about it and about what we did right so that we can keep doing it right.  Send us your testimonial and why we rocked your socks!

Did we do something wrong?  Probably not. But if we did, we encourage you to email us and let us know so we can stop doing it wrong and start doing it right.  We may not be able to please everyone but we’ll darn sure try!

Did you see a rider while riding/ walking/ driving/ scootering/ skating to work?  Take a picture with our riders and post it to our Facebook wall!  Or take a picture with your lunch (the goofier the better) that we just dropped off and get featured up on our Facebook page!  Who knows, one of these days there may just be a little something in it for ya! 😉

In all, we want to see more from you!  Let us get to know you, and help us to show you who we are!  Send your ideas and feedback to [email protected] or find us on Facebook and leave us a message in our inbox or on our wall!  We’d love to hear from you!

Want to win a free jersey and lunch for 4?

We want YOU to name our PPP enclosures!  As much as we love to give ourselves credit for being some of the most creative mother earth loving cyclists on the planet, even this task is too great for our imagination.  So we’re turning to you, our mixture of creative and talented customers, for ideas on what to call our giant bicycle enclosures containing the happiness of Portland-verse.  The winner of this contest will win one of our NEW PPP bicycle jerseys and a free lunch for 4!  Submit your ideas to us via Facebook either on our wall or via comments on the appropriate FB posts.  You can also email us at [email protected]!

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  • Chad

    or something like PPP³ (PPP cubed). BiciBox, VelociPod, CubePod (like cupid, get it?)
    Am I getting warm?

  • Vanessa Nix Anthony

    What about “Bike-go Boxes: For Business on the Go and Carbon on the Low.”

  • Chad

    I like the Pod idea, why not the (B)iPod? Or would that be copyright infringement…

  • stacy

    There’s never a bad suggestion! Thanks for the input Ean!

  • Ean Lake

    Portland Pedal Power Pods? too obvious?