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You’ve seen them all around town.  Perhaps you’ve noticed them on your way to work.  Maybe you were taking a walk downtown.  You may have pulled up next to one on your bicycle and thought “man, wouldn’t that be convenient?!”  Well now you can own one yourself!  That’s right, Portland Pedal Power is selling our self-designed, custom made, unique bicycle enclosures that we use for food delivery, product delivery, and visually appealing marketing for our businesses.  We don’t mean the blue prints and designs either!  We mean the fully assembled enclosures right out of the shop! (Specs at the bottom)

Since putting our enclosures in service, they have been gaining more and more recognition not only through out Portland, but internationally as well.  There have been a flood of inquiries about the design, the specs, and whether or not we are selling these unique monsters of convenience and innovation.  We’ve finally decided to unleash the design out into the world.  The enclosure is designed to work with most cargo bicycles and can easily carry loads as heavy as a cargo bicycle’s maximum capacity. Boasting a combination of a spacious interior and the ability to post large, eye-catching signs on the exterior, these enclosures are a great purchase for any business aiming for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business model as well as a way to promote their own business visually using grass roots marketing techniques.

A little bit of history about the enclosures, these enclosures were designed by PPP founder Ken Wetherell and were really thestarting point for Portland Pedal Power.  Portland Pedal Power was born out of People’s Food Co-op in 1997, where Ken was once a volunteer at the produce stand.  At the time that Ken was volunteering at the co-op there began talks of expanding the store due to high sales, but not everybody was on board with the idea.  So Ken began to brainstorm with the head produce buyer and thought to create a bicycle delivery service for the co-op where people can order their food and have it delivered to them.  So 3 of the staff members of the co-op did a pilot program in Fall of ’97 and received tremendous support.  Unfortunately they couldn’t have too many customers due to bicycle capacity, but regardless the support was there and abundant.  As Ken decided to take this program to the heart of the Portland, he wanted to bring bicycle-based delivery to small companies as a way to promote the company’s services.  He had the idea to use a trailer to carry deliveries, and as time had passed, that trailer morphed into the bicycle enclosures we see today.
A few benefits of our design:

• Head-turning promotion

• Extended storefront & e-commerce reach

• Replaces or augments other vehicles

• Replaces or augments sandwich boards

• High flexibility to suit a wide range of businesses

• Compatible with most cargo bike models

• Transforms a cargo bike into a business machine

You may reserve your enclosure for $50 today.  Just contact us at [email protected] or call us at 503.764.1415.

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