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As you all have been so well informed, we are currently selling bicycle enclosures to the highest bidder… okay perhaps we have a set price (which you’ll have to contact us to find out) but we’re building them and selling them none the less. Well Portland Pedal Power recently closed our first sale! Thank you Addy’s Sandwich Bar for being the first of many innovators in the food industry to purchase the next wave of sustainable delivery.

Addy’s Sandwich Bar has resided in the lot on 10th and Alder for the past 3 years bringing you some of the only sandwiches on this side of the river that uses Little T bakery’s bread for their sandwiches.  Everyday on her way to work, Addy picks up fresh ingredients for the day to make the spectacular food Addy’s has to offer.  Buying the enclosure has given Addy the opportunity to now ride her bicycle to work in the morning while still picking up fresh ingredients on her way in and stay in shape in the process.  Read on to learn more about Addy’s Sandwich Bar, her future plans, and what led her to further the sustainability practices of her business with the purchase of the PPP enclosure!

PPP: How are you on this beautiful day?

Addy: Doing great, doing great.  It’s really busy and sunny out so it’s been good.

PPP: And you sold a lot of sandwiches?

Addy: And we sold a lot of sandwiches, yes!

PPP: Looking forward to summer?

Addy: Yup!  It was the first day yesterday so we have a bunch of good days ahead of us I can hope!

PPP: So sandwiches, you sell them. What’s your favorite sandwich?

Addy: Country Pate.  Sort of like fresh meatloaf but it’s made with Pork and Pork liver and I make it myself.  It comes with cornichons and dijon mustard on a baguette.

PPP: And all of this organic, sustainable, you know where it comes from, etc.?

Addy: Yes!  I make a point of getting good, humanely raised, meat and organic vegetables. Oregon line caught tuna, etc.  Everything, it’s all very important to me to be sustainable.

PPP: Now you’re making me very upset that you were sold out of sandwiches today.

Addy: Well we still got salads!

PPP: Not same!

PPP: So what makes Addy’s sandwich bar awesome?

Addy: Oh boy, ummm. I just have to say quality ingredients and the BREAD!  We get the BEST bread in town.  Little T bakery makes our baguettes and I get them from them.  It’s unusual because you can’t a sandwich on that bread around here at all, so people just flock for that.  Aside from that.. well it’s mostly that.  I think if we were really mean girls, people would still come for the food.

PPP: How long have you been around?  On 10th and Alder?

Addy: It’ll be 3 years in August.  This is where we started and we’ve always been right in this spot.  So August 3rd it will be our 3 year anniversary.

PPP: Doing anything special for your anniversary?

Addy: Well we’ll usually put out balloons and offer double punches on your stamp card for frequent buyers.

PPP: What made you want to run a food cart sandwich bar?

Addy: Well, before this i worked as a sous chef at a couple places around town and have been in the industry for about 10 years.  I got to a point where I wanted to start working for myself and it seemed like the food carts were a good thing you could do without a lot of money.  I can run the show myself without having to have a whole crew of people behind you.  So it just seemed really do-able and fun and I just went for it.

PPP: Nice, so has it been smooth sailing?

Addy: Pretty smooth yea, actually.  I lucked out.  My first year I got a lot of good reviews and so right off the bat combined with the really good foot traffic, I just did really well and it went really smoothly.

PPP: So how long has Addy’s sandwiches delivered?

Addy: Oh I guess about 6 or 7 months now.

PPP: So rumor has it you’re our first buyer of the PPP enclosures, is this true?

Addy: Pretty soon I’ll be riding around on one of those with my deliveries.

PPP: So have you gotten to ride it yet?

Addy: No, I got to test ride it.  It was empty so I kind of went out on a limb. I figured, “You know what, I will get used to it.  I want this bike and I know it’s not the same as riding a normal bike but I will make it work.”

PPP: So was it a difficult test ride?

Addy: It was a little tippy at first.  You’re used to how a bike feels, or at least for me, how a normal bike feels.  So this was like, “that’s weird.  It’s kind of different around corners.”  I took another lap around the block though and it got twice as easy so I figured, “I can get used to this pretty quickly.”

PPP: What interested you in our enclosure?

Addy: Well I got the newsletter from PPP saying that the enclosures would be available soon and I was like “YES!” because I had been wanting a cargo bike for a while.  Mostly for the purpose of bringing food on my ride in.  Normally I’ll stop by the bakery and get bread, and cash and carry to get products, so normally I’m driving in because I have pick up all that stuff.  So I wanted a bike so I could ride in and save on gas, parking, environment, all that stuff.  So that’s sort of my main goal, not to mention the fact that it will have the signage with my branding on the side which will be a nice advertisement.

PPP: How is the enclosure going to help your business goals and plans?

Addy: Well, hopefully my deliveries take off.  I just started about 6 months ago and we get one or two a day, so hopefully we get a big boost.  If it takes off like crazy then I want to get like a commissary kitchen and cook out of that.  So that’s sort of on my plan for the future.  Boost the sales for the box lunches, acquire more kitchen space somewhere, and the bike will be my best way to get around and deliver.

PPP: WIll you be doing all the riding?

Addy: Yup!

PPP: Awesome!!!  So we can look for a future Addy’s sandwich store?

Addy: Yea, in fact that’s on my future plans to.  Get an actual store front where people can come in, sit down, and maybe even have a beer or wine.

PPP: So when you do get a store front, what kind of beer would you serve?

Addy: Well I like really sour beers, so I’d probably have a selection of good sour beers, and then I also like really crappy cheap beers a lot.  So that would be it.  Perhaps a little more rounded selection, but definitely keeping the crappy beer.

PPP: So that does it for my questions, any closing statement/ thoughts?

Addy: Well I’m really excited to see how the bike goes.  I’m gonna get so fit riding it in every day.  That’s secretly the top of my list to get one of these things is that it’s great exercise.  Yea sure, it’s good for business, but the exercise part is really great.  So I’m just really counting down the days till it’s done!  I just got to pick the color, it’s going to be orange.

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