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So you’ve had your eye on that beautiful bike in the window, you know, the window of that bike shop you walk by every day on your way to work. It’s a beautiful light weight Colnago M10 S road bike with carbon fiber frame. You’ve tortured yourself with day dreams of this bike for a little over a year, but this bike is upwards of $3,000 dollars. You may or may not have the money, but $3,000 dollars is a lot of money out of pocket!  Or perhaps you’re looking at the latest release from Portland Pedal Power, The Pyxis, for your start up business to transport items, but you just don’t have the expendable cash!  Well our friends at Point West Credit Union have a couple of perfect solutions for you!

Point West is proud to support Portland’s favorite means of alternative transportation as it recognizes our city’s growing bicycle community. In support, Point West offers bicycle loans with rates as low as 4.49% so you can finance that amazing piece of pedal powered machinery that you’ve been drooling over, not to mention all the fine accessories that set recreational cyclists apart from the hardcore!  Yet loans aren’t for everybody, and perhaps it’s not just a bicycle you’re looking at.

Its hard to find a good Visa card these days and a decent line of credit with a great APR. Once again, Point West comes to the rescue offering a very competitive rewards Platinum Visa with an 8.95% APR on purchases. There are no annual fees or international transaction fees on this bad boy either! (for you more worldly types) You earn a point for every piece of moola you distribute back into the economy which in turn, can be redeemed for brand name merchandise, travel, gift cards, and more. All Point West VISA cards earn ScoreCard Rewards Points.  For those of you who have high card balances at other banks or credit unions, with the Platinum VISA at Point West, you can transfer all those balances at 12.45% APR with only a $5.00 fee. Consolidate and spend less on interest, with no outrageous balance transfer percentages

This year will be their 80th year of serving the Portland Community under the motto of people helping people. When you become a member of Point West, you are becoming a member of a cooperative of credit unions which gives you access to better loan rates, competitive deposit products and a suite of services all under one roof provided by people who only have their member’s best interest at heart.

If you’d like to learn more about Point West and get some SCHWAG come visit PPP’ers this Thursday at First Thursday or next Tuesday at Portland Parks and Recreation’s National Night Out at Holladay Park off NE 11th and Holladay! We will be packing some goodies to give out to you who are so fortunate to happen upon us, and more information on Point West and how awesome they really are!

For more information on Point West Credit Union visit their website! For more information on PPP and all our happenings visit our website or blog or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.