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Let’s talk yard sales!  Like ’em?  Love ’em?  We certainly do!  Yard sales are where you can find some of the absolute COOLEST stuff that you may not need, but you know you WANT!  Especially if you’re a hipster, then JACKPOT!  OR maybe you do actually need some stuff, like a bed or furniture, or fun nicknacks for ridiculously low prices because you just got a new studio/ 2 bedroom/ town home apartment and you need to furnish it and make it feel like home! Whatever your needs/ wants/ desires, you’ll be thrilled to learn that coming up the weekend of July 28th are the Concordia Neighborhood Yard Sales!  Throughout the entire neighborhood from NE Prescott to NE Lombard between 22nd and 42nd  you can find a plethora of items strategically placed on lawns and driveways in an attempt to draw you in and make you buy!  For an interactive map of yard sale locations click here.  <—-there.

Though this is a weekend long event (from the 27th to the 29th) the REAL yard sale day is Saturday July 28th from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. where the Concordia Neighborhood Association (CNA) has hooked you up with free coffee from Trailhead Roasters, free popsicles from Icicle Tricycles for the kiddies (both old and young), and, here’s the kicker, FREE cargo bicycle delivery.  Portland Pedal Power has teamed up with Splendid Cycles’ Cargo Bikes and Spoketown Cargo to deliver any of your purchased yard sale items via Neighborhood Greenways to any place within the garage sale area (or within reason) for free! (of course tips are accepted!)  Check out the CNA Yard Sales flyer (posted above) for a map of different locations in the area where you can claim your free coffee, popsicles, and bicycle delivery !

Now sure, we understand that really oogling and purchasing really cool items that you never knew you needed may not be enough to draw you into this fun social neighborhood event.  So don’t forget that you can also take part in the on going Going St. Neighborhood Greenway Scavenger Hunt which will be running all week through Sunday.  If you don’t find the bicycle of your dreams at the yard sales, you could very well win a Trek commuter bike, as well as many other prizes when you participate!

So come through to the Concordia Neighborhood Yard Sale event this weekend and say hello to your friends at PPP!  There’s no way you will walk away empty handed!  So what is it that you’re looking for?  We kind of hope to find some legos and bicycle grap tassles!

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