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Before I say anything, know this!  You may now order Dinner At Your Door through the Portland Pedal Power website, and for the month of August you will get it for 20% off! (10% from PPP and 10% from DYOD).

Sooooooo a few months back we wrote this amazing awesome piece about this incredible little company called Dinner At Your Door.  Those of you who have been riding the cool bike this whole time will remember the reference of coming home after a looong day of work, and really not having the energy to cook anything.  Of course you could always eat out, but then you always do that and it’s beginning to taste like cardboard and paper mache.

For those of you who just hopped on the cool bike and haven’t been riding very long, Dinner At Your Door is a company that cooks hearty, wholesome, home-cooked meals for the hard-working citizens of our fair city and will have them waiting for your front door! So when you’re dragging your feet and all you want to do is plop on the sofa and watch the epic conclusion of “the Bachelorette”, you won’t miss a moment of the man drama because someone cooked for you!  And better yet, there is no waste and no dishes.  Simply rinse, and put back in a bag for delivery to pick up the following trip.  So all the benefits of cooking, without the repercussions… like actually cooking.

Now that that’s said, what if I one upped our previous post by telling you that you can now order Dinner At Your Door directly from the Portland Pedal Power website and for the month of August we’re offering 20% off your meals.  Too much to handle?!  Take a deep a breath, slow down, and read it again.  Dinner At Your Door is now fully partnered with PPP to bring you great meals in a sustainable fashion, and get them to you in  time for you to enjoy once you get off work. You’ll still want to order ahead of time for your meals, but you put in the order, let us worry about getting you the food!

Margot Feves, owner of Dinner At Your Door says, “I am really excited about the partnership with PPP, what better way to get our meals delivered to busy professionals than by PPP.  Chef Lisa has been very busy creating new menu items and I am certain that our customers will love the convenience of an office delivery.”

Chef Lisa, Dinner At Your Door’s new Executive Chef, joins the team with culinary training from The Art Institute of Chicago and experience at Lucy’s Table, Sur La Table Culinary Program, and Buddha Bites.  Chef Lisa is also a  Certified BBQ Judge with the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association and  we are looking forward to introducing new recipes that she has found while partaking as a recipe tester for Leite’s Culinaria, a food and cooking blog.  Look for new twists to our current menu offerings as well as some deliciously new menu items!

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