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Coming this weekend (July 14th & 15th), as you may or may not know, is one of the largest bicycle events of the year, and possibly ever.  This is the weekend of Seattle to Portland (STP).  When I say big, I mean 10,000 strong big, including a couple of our very own Portland Pedal Power peeps!  Yet when you see our PPP bicycle enclosures, it won’t be Pedal Power riders on there, but Douglas Duguay from!

So at this point, you’re bewildered I know.  “How did get a PPP cargo bicycle enclosure?” one may ask.  Well that’s simple, first and foremost ROCKS our socks (quite literally) and Doug is our friend.  Secondly, he paid us.  Yes, that means what you think it does, we are now making our bicycles available to the masses!  Starting a couple weeks ago, Portland Pedal Power began a new service, “PPP Bicycle Rentals.”  This is a service where you may rent one of our fabulous hybrid marketing/ cargo bikes for any event of your choosing and have it for your promotional and cargo needs.  And what better way to spread the word and kick off the bicycle rentals than with during STP?

“…they’re doing giveaways out of the rented PPP bike”

Whats more, if you’re one of the 10,000 riders participating in STP, keep an eye out for the PPP bike with the logo on the back (as seen above) towards the beginning and end of the race, because they’re doing giveaways out of the rented PPP bike.  You could get coupons, Chamois Butt’r and perhaps even some swag from one of many bicycling hub vendors.  Bicyclinghub wants to reach out to their current and possibly new customers and give you a warm and friendly “sup”.  Just make sure that if you make that awkward eye contact, you give the friendly nod hello just like you would if you were walking down the street. So don’t let your skin get all agitated mid-race because you didn’t you find Doug on the PPP bike for some Butt’r!  Stop by, say hi, friendly nod, Butt’r.

Now just because we won’t be riding the cargo bikes, doesn’t mean that we won’t be there as well.  Keep an eye out for select PPP people who decided to partake in the ride and be sure to give a friendly “Howdy do” as you pass on by!  We love to chat and say hello!

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