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Have you had a chance to learn about important issues regarding your local region lately?  If not, have we got the event for you!  Join Portland Pedal Power and the “Sundown Community” every Thursday in July at the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center (a.k.a. The Eco Trust building) off SW 9th ave for the “Sundown EcoTrust Concert Series“.  This concert series centers around one Portland-centric and praised theme, living local effectively.

Each week they will feature a different topic of conversation, beginning with  ‘Protecting Water’ last week (July 5th), and in the proceeding weeks covering the topics ‘Reimagining Energy‘ (July 12), ‘Honoring Food‘ (our favorite July 19), and ending with ‘Treasuring Forests‘ (July 26).  At the event they feature a variety of local businesses (including yours truly) and non-profits as well as a phenomenal list of participants, hosting interactive booths to educate you about important issues around where you live, and to light a spark under your butt to inspire some creative thinking on economic and ecological development!

If that isn’t enough to tickle your fancy because you’re fairly insensitive to local issues (you non eco-friendlyanti-Portlander you) then there is food, good music, great people, and as always, beer!  NOT TO MENTION that if you come visit us at our Portland Pedal Power booth, we will be giving away free stuff!  This Thursday (July 12th) we’ll be giving away a free lunch for two.  The following Thursday we will be giving away a free t-shirt!  The Thursday after that, who knows!  We’ll find something in our bag of amazing!  Any suggestions?

The music selection for this week (July 12th) will be Laura Gibson with Grandparents!  Lara Gibson is a local artist with a poppy sound who grew up along the south coast of Oregon.  She released her first ep back in November 2004 and has since become a national sensation.  (Read more about her here).  Grandparents feature a bit of a different sound, but definitely on the indie rock scene.  The show in all should be fabulous.

Headlining the food front are some of your Pizza and Rice bowl favorites, Hot Lips Pizza and Laughing Planet will be there to provide great sustenance that will complement your adult appetite and beverages quite well.

So join us Thursdays in July at Ecotrust’s Natural Capital Center, a hub for ideas and urban community, for a series of free outdoor concerts and street exhibitions that tell a story about living deliberately in our region. Concerts feature a cream-of-the-crop, homegrown music lineup, plucked from Portland’s hopping music scene, plus frosty beverages and delicious fare.

Each concert hosts the Innovation Showcase, a street fair-style exhibition with interactive booths that connect attendees with organizations whose work corresponds with each evening’s theme.

Music: Typhoon with AU

Music: Laura Gibson with Grandparents

Music: Holcombe Waller with Sarah Jackson-Holman

Music: The Builders and the Butchers with Kelli Schaefer

All concerts will be powered by a biodiesel/wind/solar generator and bike commuters will be rewarded with a free bike valet on-site.

Pedal, Listen and Connect on Thursdays in July at Ecotrust.

About Ecotrust:
Ecotrust’s mission is to inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equity and environmental wellbeing. Our goal is to foster a natural model of development that creates more resilient communities, economies, and ecosystems here and around the world.

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