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Its time for another Sunday Funday at the Sunday Parkways! You may have gone to all the fun-filled Sunday Parkways events they’ve already had this summer, like Northeast Portland, North Portland, and Southwest Portland. Perhaps you’ve experienced the plethora of activities they have to provide like rock-climbing, bike skills tracks, dance and food exhibits, etc. Since you read about these events back at the end of May on the Portland Pedal Power blog you likely came through and sought us out, hung out with us, and may have even taken a few pictures just to try and make your friends jealous that you kicked it with the Portland Pedal Power crew.  We don’t blame you, we are pretty darn cool!

So since you’ve already hit these spots, you’re looking forward to this upcoming Sunday, August 26th whenSunday Parkways comes to take over the Southeast Portland Parks in order to bring you fun, entertainment, and good wholesome clean education. This Sunday, Laurelhurst Park, Colonel Summers Park, Ivon Park, and Mt. Tabor will be host to such events as: the live music stage, climbing wall, pedal bike tours, dance and fitness stages (with Zumba), BOUNCY INFLATABLE CASTLES (our favorite) and a great ordeal more! Not to mention the great food areas at each park as well as REI’s free bike repair stations!

Perhaps we’re being too presumptuous here though, and you haven’t actually been to a Sunday Parkway,nor even know what it is for that fact! Well let us bring you up to speed. Sunday Parkways are held by the Portland Bureau of Transportation. The events are opportunities for Portland locals to get out and experience Portland’s beautiful parks, physical activity, games, sun, and fun all while promoting the Portland Greenways. The Greenways, which are our vast network of cycling lanes running throughout this city in an effort to make bicycling safer for everybody, are used as the primary road of transportation from one fun-filled action-packed park to the next! The point behind this, don’t drive!  Walk or ride and enjoy the outdoors a bit.

For a little extra encouragement your favorite Portland delivery service will be riding all along the Greenways handing out little tchotchkes like bike lights, and … tchotchkes…. So catch up with us on the Greenways this Sunday as we ride around SE Portland enjoying fun in the sun and the occasional Castle Bounce!

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