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So I’m sure many of you read about the fun we were planning to have providing delivery services for Concordia Yard Sales back in July. Since then I’m sure you have been eagerly anticipating a follow up blog telling you how everything went, and maybe even with some photos! Well we’re sorry we’ve kept you waiting! We’ve been busy letting you know about awesome local credit unions, great local food, and how to give some killer energy balancing massage therapy! Now considering how much we hate to disappoint our fans though, we decided to fulfill your greatest desires and regale you with visual tales of a fun-filled morning out at the Concordia Yard Sales!

Now first and foremost, this morning was not all just fun and games! We were charged with spreading a very important message and information regarding Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways!  These Greenways are provided by the Portland Bureau of Transportation as “bike boulevards” which run through residential neighborhoods with low traffic volumes and low speeds. Here, bicyclists can ride safely and comfortably knowing that they, as well as pedestrians, have the right of way at all times.

That being said, the other part of our job was to provide delivery services for those who wanted to go shopping without the extra trips home. So we got our whole fleet together alongside Joel from Spoketown Cargo with a couple loaners from Splendid Cycles and we took to the streets of the Cascadia neighborhood! Also in attendance to this great event to show just how bicycle based business can grow was Icicle Tricycle giving away free popsicles and Trailhead Roasters passing out coffee to weary shoppers!

Now just because we happen to be delivering yard sale items, doesn’t mean we can’t pick up a couple items of our own. We were fortunate enough to find these two priceless costumes (ironically at the same yard sale) for a mere $5 a piece. From this point forward was the great banana pursuit. So if you so happened to be on Alberta back in July and saw a banana being chased by a gorilla on PPP Pyxis bikes, then your mind may now rest at ease and know that it was only Fitz, and he did not get eaten by the gorilla.

Now I’m sure many of you by this point were thinking to yourselves, just then, that “Wow, this is a great idea! But how could they possibly deliver larger items like dressers and tables?”  Well Joel and Zach had just the answer! We figured the fair citizens of Cascadia may have some larger items, so we came well prepared toting our handy dandy trailers along!

Needless to say, people were quite happy with our help! We made quite a few new friends, and certainly found some new favorite people!

To finish off a perfect day, the PPP fleet rode back as a posse, ringing bells and taking over city streets so that all could hear the triumphant hooting and hollering of Portland Pedal Power!

For the full album, check out our fun little slide show below!

For more information on Portland Pedal Power events, vendors, delivery services and news follow our PPP blog!  Seriously… follow it.