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Cycling is on the rise and we have the demographics to prove it! Distilled, an online marketing company based out of Seattle, has created a webpage that gives you bicycle commuter demographics and stats for each of the 50 states, including information on; the number of cycling commuters for each state, the percentage of male vs female cycling commuters, a ranking system for each state based off the number of cycling commuters, and even the amount of money per head that is being spent on bicycle based projects in each state.

According to these demographics, Oregon 2nd only to D.C. in the proportion of commuters traveling by bicycle. This means that 2.25% of our everyday commuters are cyclists, which has steadily increased since 2005 from 1.5%! Way to go Oregon! We can even use this site to find great local websites to hear more about cycling news and media!

This website is a great resource to show how much your state is doing to promote and grow cycling. If you’re not one of our Portland followers (or Oregon for that matter) go on there and find your state and see just how bicycle commuting is growing around you! Personally as a bicycle based food deliver service in Portland we are extremely excited to see the growth and explosion of cycling over the last 7 years! Let’s keep the trend growing!

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